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GLMGeneral Linear Model (statistics)
GLMGeneralized Linear Modeling
GLMGilman (Amtrak station code; Gilman, IL)
GLMGeostationary Lightning Mapper
GLMGeneral Linear Model
GLMGigabaud Link Module
GLMGlobal Language Monitor
GLMGrazing Land Management
GLMGlobal Marine (stock symbol)
GLMGood Looking Man
GLMGlucose Limiting Membrane
GLMGraduated Length Method (ski instruction)
GLMGlobal Logistics Management
GLMGreat Lakes Marketing (Toledo, OH)
GLMGood Looking Mom (used in pediatric practices)
GLMGestion des Littoraux et des Mers (French: Management of Coastal Areas and Seas)
GLMGreen Lord Motors Co., Ltd. (Japan)
GLMGel'fand-Levitan-Marchenko (integral equation)
GLMGod Loves Me
GLMGlobal Leadership Meeting
GLMGrain Loss Monitor
GLMGreat Little Machine
GLMGate Level Model
GLMGigabit Linking Module (Emulex)
GLMGold Life-Saving Medal
GLMGay Latin Male
GLMGrating Light Modulator
GLMGeneralized Life Model (reliability)
GLMGeneral Linear Model/Modeling
References in classic literature ?
Sir John Middleton was a good looking man about forty.
"We're told the family has actually counseled him against all the surgery, saying he was a good looking man to begin with, but he wouldn't listen."
The favourite car of a dreamboat, slang for a good looking man, was the Ford Capri, below, which was launched in 1961.
He's a good looking man and has everything else going for him, but there is something disgusting in a man of 29 being so fat that he grunts when he gets out of a chair.
Excellent dinner and wine and salsa dancing with a good looking man - do you know of any?
I was out shopping and I saw a very good looking man staring at me.
Scott Eastwood gets his looks from his father Clint Eastwood and he is definitely one good looking man. He has been modeling and we can say that he has a lot of potential in both modeling and acting.
I'd like to think I'll be spending it in a luxury spa, gorging myself on back copies of Red magazine and having my feet massaged by a good looking man with sensitive hands.
One source said: "He's a good looking man and has a way with the ladies.
Amber is currently dating veteran actor, Jhonny Depp but it is hard not to fall for a good looking man like Liam.
I must admit, I often look at other women's breasts, in the same way that when I'm talking to a really good looking man I often forget what he's saying.