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GMPGood Manufacturing Practice(s)
GMPGreater Manchester Police
GMPGNU Multiple Precision (arithmetic library)
GMPGuaranteed Maximum Price (building construction)
GMPGreen Mountain Power (Vermont)
GMPGuaranteed Minimum Pension
GMPGénie Mécanique et Productique (French)
GMPGroupe Moto Propulseur (French: Powertrain; automotive engineering)
GMPGeneral Management Planning (US NPS)
GMPGlobal Malaria Programme (World Health Organization)
GMPGnu Multi Precision
GMPGovernment Markets Platform
GMPGroup Multicast Protocol
GMPGlobal Mobile Professional
GMPGood Manufacturing Practice
GMPGroup Management Protocol
GMPGroup Membership Protocol
GMPGeometric Modeling and Processing
GMPGulf of Mexico Program
GMPGeomorph Tile Map
GMPGuanosine 5'-Monophosphate
GMPGeneral Machine Products (various locations)
GMPGrants Management Process (US HUD)
GMPGood Manufacturing Process
GMPGovernment of Madhya Pradesh (India)
GMPGross Metropolitan Product
GMPGeneral Managers Program (various organizations)
GMPGlobal Marshall Plan
GMPGrowth Management Plan
GMPGeneric Mapping Procedure
GMPGood Management Practice
GMPGlobal Monitoring Programme (Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants)
GMPGood Manufacturing Procedure
GMPGlobal Managing Partner (various organizations)
GMPGeneral Medical Practitioner
GMPGross Metro Product
GMPGuardianship Monitoring Program (various locations)
GMPGrand Master Prestige (gaming)
GMPGeneral Minister and President
GMPGround Maintenance Program
GMPGuaranteed Minimum Price
GMPGarrison Military Police (UK)
GMPGuilford Medical Partners (Georgia)
GMPGenetically Modified Product
GMPGross Maximum Price
GMPGroundwater Monitoring Plan
GMPGranulocyte-Monocyte Progenitor
GMPGeneral Motors Powertrain
GMPGlass Molding Press
GMPGood Manufacturing Compliance (FDA regulation of medical devices)
GMPGimpo Domestic Airport (South Korea)
GMPGlass, Molder, Pottery Union
GMPGlobal Markov Property
GMPGans Multimedia Partnership
GMPGun Mount Processor (US Navy)
GMPGeneral Modus Ponens
GMPGay Men's Pride
GMPGeneral Mining Package
GMPGlobal Manufacturing Plan
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Ventura County nurseries commonly followed good management practices for irrigation management.
If you answered "true" to any of these questions, you should be proud of your mastery of good management practice.
In addition to good management practice, the employee will understand that the action that precipitated the disciplinary measures has been permanently recorded.
In addition to being consistent with a female style, these traits fit the current definition of good management practice in today's less hierarchical organizations.
Honesty and integrity were also considered critical principles of good management practice by the CEOs and, in this regard, their views are consistent with the opinions of writers, in particular, in the field of financial management (see, for example [12-14]).
Good preventive legal practice and good management practice can be used to avoid the management termination trap," Longenecker indicates.
While such an incident is un: likely, planning for the abrupt absence of key staff members is a good management practice.
Their true value should not be underestimated and hopefully future generations will carry on the good management practice of conservation and protection for many years to come.
Performance planning and reviews are a good management practice, and they can result in motivated employees, improved performance and stronger earnings.
During employment good management practice would dictate that managers and supervisors consider the welfare and development of their staff and monitor changes in behaviour or lifestyle which may be a warning sign.
The Standards are clear and practical statements of good management practice and are supported by a body of research and by an ongoing dialogue with a range of businesses, professional bodies and unions.
Sir, -- Your recent correspondent John Wilson of Key Communications could not have got his braces further in a twist when he suggested at length that car bosses could make the train take the strain to ease congestion on the roads (Post, Dec 4) He specifically quotes Ford as a scion of good management practice.