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GSoDGreen Screen of Death (Microsoft XBox)
GSoDGrand Slam of Darts (tournament)
GSoDGlobal Summary of the Day (NOAA)
GSoDGray Screen of Death (Apple)
GSoDGood Sense of Direction (spatial orientation analysis)
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"Lamas can't carry big loads, but they can carry a small picnic basket and naturally they have a good sense of direction."
Like all relationships, co-operating with influencers requires work, active management, and a good sense of direction. As I said at a recent industry event: "If your concept is confused or your service tanks, even Kendall Jenner isn't going to make a difference." Not that most of us would be able to afford Kendall Jenner.
"Despite this, many claim to have a good sense of direction, although maybe not those who believe the Isles of Scilly are off the Scottish coast."
A good sense of direction and geographical knowledge also helps!
And unless you stay alert and have a good sense of direction, it's easy to lose your way here.
"I will rally up a few of my old racing pigeon friends as they are big and strong and have a good sense of direction and will help you save Christmas'.
I know my way around, I have a pretty good sense of direction, and I can read a map.
Those who think they have a good sense of direction are usually right, and those who know they can't find their way back from the bathroom without a scale map know their limits as well.
Nick Venning, chairman of St Basils fundraising and external relations committee, said: "Although this is a slightly easier course than last year, like all our outdoor adventures, this challenge requires fitness, physical stamina and participants will need to have a good sense of direction; this is definitely not the proverbial Saturday afternoon stroll in the park with the dog."
He didn't have a very good sense of direction even in his younger days."
She obviously had a good sense of direction. The film, "Pear Me Up, Buttercup" won an award for "Best Direction" at the "Best of Providence" awards ceremony and screening held Sunday at the Columbus Theatre in Providence.
But they have yet to get a good sense of direction for the Tokyo market given mixed earnings reports such as those from blue-chips Sony and Matsushita released Tuesday, brokers said.