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GSGSGood Start, Grow Smart (Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 1990)
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It will also showcase a number of other strategic administration initiatives--including "Good Start, Grow Smart" and Head Start--designed to improve early childhood education and ensure children feel confident and ready to learn the first day they step into a classroom.
In April 2002, the Bush Administration announced the "Good Start, Grow Smart" (GSGS) initiative to help States and local communities strengthen early learning for young children.
Bush's new mission for the preschool program, known as Good Start, Grow Smart. The newer program represents a shift from the comprehensive service model to an intellectual development model.
After less than a year in office, President Bush implemented by administrative rule a program called "Good Start, Grow Smart," the central thrust of which is to instruct Head Start teachers across the nation in methods for improving school readiness.
President Bush's Good Start, Grow Smart initiative, which includes the Head Start testing, is aimed at bringing standards to this disparate field.
The White House developed an early childhood initiative, the Good Start, Grow Smart Early Childhood Initiative.
The guide provides a description of Tribal sovereignty and the government-to-government relationship; an overview of the similarities and differences between State and Tribal CCDF programs; a discussion of the "Good Start, Grow Smart " Early Learning Initiative; and, examples of successful Tribal-State collaborative efforts.
The following are appended: (1) Head Start; (2) Healthy Child Care America; (3) Good Start, Grow Smart; and (4) Informational Resources.
The "Good Start, Grow Smart" ("GSGS") Initiative was introduced by the Bush Administration in April 2002 as the next step in education reform.
Through the "No Child Left Behind" legislation and the "Good Start, Grow Smart" initiative, programs supported through the Child Care and Development Fund and the Department of Education will be linked through the development of standards to be used in preschool programs supported and operated through the Nevada Department of Education as well as child care programs supported through the Child Care and Development Fund.
He also discussed additional initiatives such as the State Scholars program, whose goals are to challenge students by providing more rigorous course work, not just for honor students but for all students, and Good Start, Grow Smart, a program that prepares children in Head Start and other early-childhood programs in language, literacy, and numerical skills.
This report describes early childhood as a critical time for children to develop the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills they will need for the rest of their lives and presents the components of the Good Start, Grow Smart early childhood initiative of the Bush Administration.