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This requires modern expertise, capabilities, techniques and sound future planning, which requires concerted efforts and synergy between the brotherly countries for the purpose of increasing co-operation, co-ordination and exchange of expertise and experience, reflecting a commitment to ensure adequacy of local and national development strategy to the good urban governance and development goals".
Smart cities [has] to demonstrate good urban governance.
Among the subjects addressed are: cities and agglomeration economics, the fallacy of over-urbanization, making urbanization inclusive, using urban land as a resource, an institutional framework for good urban governance, and an urban agenda for the country.
I would like to request all of you to deliberate and arrive at a broad consensus on the road map to develop policy and support frameworks for encouraging and ensuring good urban governance and housing for all, he added.
In order to prevent marginalization, social exclusion, and urban poverty, there is need to develop inclusive policies and legislation at the national and international levels, Good urban governance and consistent leadership at the local level, active engagement of citizens in planning and design of more liveable spaces and providing housing that is affordable for people with low incomes.
61) since improvement of urban basic utilities delivery and management is increasingly being recognized as an accompaniment of good urban governance (ADB, 2007).
UNACLA seeks to offer a positive and innovative vision of the future of the world's cities, and helps guide and advise the Executive Director of UN-HABITAT on issues related to the implementation of the Habitat Agenda and the two Global Campaigns on Secure Tenure and Good Urban Governance, launched and coordinated by the agency in collaboration with all Habitat Agenda partners, including local authorities.
We at UN-Habitat have admired and identified his leadership and policies as a best practice in good urban governance, to be emulated," she added.
It stresses that planning will work only where there is good urban governance.
In 2007, Shaikh Khalifa, the Prime Minister of Bahrain, received the Special citation of the UN-Habitat Scroll of Honour in recognition of his leadership in good urban governance.
Bellamy, who examined the details of Toronto's computer-leasing and external contracts, highlighted both the pressing need for good urban governance, as well as the problems of creating a governance framework in Toronto.
First, as our Campaign for Good Urban Governance points out, cities have to become inclusive.