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GVFMGood Value for Money
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New generation version now with us and as usual it offers good value for money motoring, especially for company car users.
Then you will have a really good value for money red wine.
The market share and growth is the result of the commitment to supply Diesel gensets with high reliability and good value for money to all customers.
"The taxpayer stands to lose millions of pounds and it can't be regarded as good value for money. Northern Rock could have been turned into a mutual but the Government decided to sell it back to the private sector.
As always, both volumes are well presented and offer very good value for money. (T.A.L.)
The auditors said: "In the prisons we visited, the prison officers and maintenance team members considered that cell 'smash-ups' and general vandalism by prisoners are one of the principal causes of reactive maintenance works." But the report said prison managers obtained "good value for money" on spending overall..
It's open to question whether the new magazine format works but the lovable eccentric is always good value for money.
* Product seen as 'good value for money'--74% rated them as 'Very good or good' value for money
* Seventy-eight percent believe that communication represents good value for money. Clients (not a valid statistical sample) also agree, but not as enthusiastically.
With massive line-ups and reasonable ticket prices, the gigs are good value for money, too.
When residents of luxury properties want something done, cost is not a factor, as long as they feel they are getting good value for money. On the other hand, board members who consist of CEO's ambassadors, and VIP's, are very sophisticated and pay close attention to the bottom line when it comes to capital expenditures.