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GWGGame Winning Goal (hockey)
GWGGeldwäschegesetz (Germany: Money Laundering Act)
GWGGhent PDF Workgroup (graphic arts)
GWGGarvan Woodland Gardens (University of Arkansas)
GWGGamers Warground (Danish gaming website)
GWGGestational Weight Gain
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GWGGoodwill Games (Olympic style games started during the Cold War)
GWGGeneral Working Group
GWGGood without God
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GWGGeringfügiges Wirtschaftsgut
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GWGGlobal Warranty Group (St. James, NY)
GWGGo with God
GWGGeneral Web Group (Las Vegas, NV and Alberta, Canada)
GWGGoodwill Gesture
GWGGalvanized Wine Group (Australia)
GWGGeorge W. Groovy
GWGGuys Without Girlfriends
GWGGroup Within the Group (Adelaide, Australia)
GWGGemeinnützige Wohnungsgenossenschaft / Wohnungsgesellschaft (Non-Profit Housing Society)
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We also talk a lot about how we can do good without God.
However, the question why we can be good without God is much more relevant and interesting.
It is the primary tenet of humanism that our lives, in order to be worthwhile, and our society, in order to be humane, need not be grounded in the supernatural; we can be good without God.
Leaving aside the lack of evidence that people's behaviour is really getting worse (beyond that provided by viewing the past through rose-tinted glasses), to blame such a moral decline on a lack of religion is very insulting to the millions of us nonbelievers who are good without gods.
Atheists and humanists try to be good without gods, though humanists might focus more on "good" and atheists on "without gods.