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The Philippines went officially off the list in 2012 when the USTR found significant efforts by the government in reducing counterfeited and pirated goods available for sale.
That even the artisans of the communities, like the shoemaker, would have their goods available for sale at the general store displayed both the importance of the stores themselves to the communities, but also that the commerce of this period did not operate in a way that was outside of our modern understanding.
The people have returned homes, and the market is now functioning, but what is lacking are the goods available for sale.
When a container of goods en route to a store is stolen, the store does not have the goods available for sale, the producer must manufacture goods to resupply the store, the shipper loses business, the insurer pays a loss claim and consumers face higher prices to cover the hidden costs.
Alternatively, it is the cost of generating an additional unit of goods available for sale, which can either come out of current production or out of (previously) foregone sales.
2 states that the primary issue in this context is whether the gift card company has goods available for sale in the ordinary course of its trade or business and is therefore eligible to use a revenue deferral method under either Regs.
This allows the brand company's SAP system to automatically make the finished goods available for sale in their systems.
Global production is so gigantic that the total quantity of goods available for sale totally swamps domestic demand, sending prices plummeting to meet that sweet spot so that consumers feel an impulse to buy, because the price is so irresistibly low.
The art of selling requires imagination to visualize the customer's needs and requirements, to exhibit a knowledge of the goods available for sale and enthusiasm for products being sold.
This is then subtracted from cost of goods available for sale to find ending inventory.
The cost of goods available for sale must be separated into cost of goods sold and cost of goods not sold.