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GOSUGraphics Overclocking System Utility
GOSUGamers of Oklahoma State University (Oklahoma)
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amp;nbsp;1 ranked team in the world by Gosu Gamers - Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming, Renegades, Astralis and mouseesports.
The gosu, Tantingco said, is like the "pamangaladua.
The Aguman Talasulat Capampangan (Agtaca or Fraternity of Campampangan Writers) has been reviving the gosu since 2006.
Because there were no written or audio recordings of the gosu, Cadiang said he produced 175 new compositions using Kapampangan melodic patterns for the patron saints of 19 towns and three cities in Pampanga Holy Rosary Parish, Our Lord of Sepulcher and Blessed Virgin Mary--and the guardian angels.
Each song comes with musical notes to help popularize the gosu in parishes, schools and homes.
Aguman Talasulat Capampangan (Agtaca or Fraternity of Capampangan Writers) has revived the gosu since 2006.
Poet laureate Felix Garcia said the gosu diminished in popularity during the years when Pampanga lived through curfews and military operations of World War II, the peasant rebellions of the 1950s and martial rule of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.
De la Pena said she sang the gosu when she was 7 or 8 years old, with her three brothers.
De la Pena, Garcia and Galang said writers and singers never got any training from the Church or the parish priest on how to do the gosu.
A stanza has four lines and a gosu can run up to 16 stanzas.
One popular gosu stanza says: "Luguran ta' la ding mabye / Luguran la namang mete / King bista't ala no keti / Ta' no ketang aliwang bie (Let's love the living / Let's love the dead / They have departed / And left for another life).