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G2Generation 2
G2Got To
G2Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 (Intelligence)
G2Gnutella2 (peer to peer network)
G2Guardian Two (UK newspaper supplement)
G2Intelligence Staff at Corps & Division
G2Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence & Security (DCSINT)
G2Global State 2 (virtually off; computing state)
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And you know how desperate hard it's got to be to get hired help.
As my time drew nearer, and there got to be talk of my having a new coat for the ceremony, my mind began to misgive me.
He likes to talk to me, though he's a highly eddicated man and I'm only an ignorant old sailor, because he's one of the folks that's GOT to talk or they're miserable, and he finds listeners scarce around here.
We know now, based on lessons learned in Iraq and Afghanistan and other parts of the world, that we have got to have that capability and in significant numbers.
"So you've really got to sell the service part and the relationship part a lot more than the pricing side of it, and that holds for renewals, too."
If you have never worked or your parents have never worked, you've got to go through that process.
"Once you finish your internship and school, you've got to hit the streets," advises Jones.