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It was formed in July 2008 and has since gained fame for its fantasy-themed songs and Gothic Lolita fashion.
Deuxiemement, de nombreux elements des sous-cultures ont ete repris par la culture dominante : comme mentionne precedemment, une lolita a ete nommee Ambassadrice du mignon et represente le Japon a l'echelle internationale ; l'image de la lolita ou gothic lolita est devenue un symbole de Tokyo, et est ainsi presente dans les medias populaires ; des films, series manga ou anime se sont inspires de la culture lolita ou angura etc.
"We wanted it to have elements of Japanese Anime, Asian Horror and Gothic Lolita while combining themes of transformation, real human emotion and the power of being female.
[Her style is] like Gothic Lolita, but in Japan, there are trends within trends, so within that Gothic Lolita trend, she's got this kind of religious, possessed style.
I can't take my eyes off the girls known as GothLoli - Gothic Lolita - who dress in Victorian-style dresses and have big hair, r, huge, have big hair, huge, coloured contact lenses and skyscraper heels.
Mina, in her late teens, said Black Lolita is a mix of Sweet Lolita -a style that makes heavy use of furs, including stuffed animals and fake rabbit ears -and Gothic Lolita, which employs black ribbons, lace, pearls and satin, while maintaining the Lolita basic of large skirts.
"Japanese girls love cute things, but they also love things that are slightly disturbing," said designer Maiko Fujii, standing next to a girl modeling her interpretation of Snow White, decked out in Gothic Lolita lingerie.
The Japanese 'Elegant Gothic Lolita' ensemble, for example, was purportedly assembled by fashion journalist Tiffany Godoy with the help of 'genuine' Japanese Lolitas at a cost of $2000.
TERRIBLE TWOSOME: Helen Sinsbury, left, and Rowan Whitehouse, were aiming to set a new trend in their Gothic Lolita outfits.
Hasegawa's ideas find a receptive audience among other loners and unhappy souls, especially Moe (Shiori Gechov), who wanders through Tokyo in the fashionable garb for Japanese nonconformists known as the "Gosloli," or "Gothic Lolita" look, a sort of cross between Little Bo Peep and Swiss Miss.
A "gothic Lolita" costume is on display as well as a selection of influential pieces by Sailor Moon, Takuya Angel and Vivienne Westwood.