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GOTRAGood Ol' Time Racing Association (Nebraska)
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Les alliances respectent l'endogamie de caste et l'exogamie de gotra (son clan).
It is a well known fact that Indian Hindus always follow the tradition of horoscope and gotra matching for arranged marriages.
In villages across northern India, the landmark verdict sparked an uproar, with clan councils fiercely defending prohibitions on unions within the same clan, or gotra, a Sanskrit word, which each clan uses to trace its lineage.
El mas reciente caso de este tipo, al menos conocido, tuvo lugar en esta capital, donde un hombre de 24 anos casado con una muchacha de su mismo clan o gotra fue asesinado por su suegro hace un par de semanas.
If these relationships are arranged in an order of increasing magnitude, that is, from the smallest unit to the largest, the resultant series would roughly resemble the following: (1) individual family, (2) a small group or related families of the kula or khandan type, (3) larger associations of relatives (for example, thok or biradari), (4) higher exogamous units (for example, gotra or got), (5) an amalgamation of several units into an endogamous "marriage network," (6) endogamous subcaste, and (7) the caste proper.
There seems to be a contradiction in the selection of Indigenous/Nationalities to Danuwar, actually they have their Danuwar Kuti, at Ramanda Chouk, Janakpur where they worship Hindu gods (as claimed by its priest), they also have Gotra, and some wear the sacred thread, like involved in Kshetri Saamaj at Sarlahi District but recognized as Nationalities that contradicts with the existing definition of 'indigenous/nationalities'.
11 These included Gujars of Hadva and Baler gotra, as well as Jats.
Operation, maintenance & guarding of electro-chlorinator plant at pump house no-1 under Gotra W/S Scheme.
Duckworth points to Ruegg's enumeration of the meanings of gotra / rigs as "(1) germ, seed; (2) family, clan, linage; (3) mine, matrix" (p.
The truth is that those who claim that they are in love and then get married in the same gotra are lunatics.
It is not uncommon for some community elders to force couples to annul their marriages because they happen to be from the same gotra.
The present day rule, which prohibits marriages between persons of the same gotra, was unknown to society for a long time.