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GOTRAGood Ol' Time Racing Association (Nebraska)
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Gotra is an international dance company in the evolving art form of modern dance.
They ( BJP) had done the same mistake before Delhi polls when I was called a naxal and my ' gotra' ( lineage) was said to be of an ' upadravi' ( anarchist).
"Honour crimes may occur as a result of: inter-caste marriages, inter-religious marriages, marrying within the same gotra, ...
BJP's advertisement targeting Kejriwal and calling him a "problem" ("upadravi gotra") did not go down well with the voters who are too fond of him, just love him as their own son.
New Delhi: A controversial BJP advertisement purportedly targeting AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal's "gotra" triggered a war of words with both the parties rushing to the Election Commission to file complaints against each other.
The results clearly indicated that both the clans are still backward in their educational achievement, but the nomadic tribal Bakerwal Gotra and the Gujjar and Bakerwal tribal students of Kashmir division are still in a very poor educational situation than there counterpart Gujjars of Jammu.
Apart from political marginalisation they (women) are the worst victims of Khap Panchayats (Panchayats which laid down the rule and regulations for various castes) regarding 'Gotra' (kinship) issue.
The investigation and search for the duo led the police to the gang.On July 28, two of the gang stalked the 24-year-old woman, F.A., as she came out of a bank and one of them blindfolded her with a 'Gotra' (Arabic headdress) suddenly and gagged her while the other snatched her phone and handbag containing cash, documents and credit cards.
A village panchayat near Rohtak has directed a married couple to start staying as brother and sister as they are from the same 'gotra'.