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GOVNETGovernment Network (secure/private US network)
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Frederick Amores, cluster head director of DICT in Western Visayas, said that only about 50 agencies in the region have so far connected to GovNet.
The GovNET network reportedly serves the needs of mission-critical entities, including emergency services, judicial branches, schools, libraries and hospitals, to securely communicate via high-capacity connectivity previously unavailable in rural areas of the Western US and at affordable rates.
In order to make the STePS service even more effective, personalisation features allow individuals to create their own user account and register their interests on the GovNet website.
The GovNet Project will raise the bar of government services as the delivery of services is expected to become faster and more efficient since agencies become interconnected, their functions integrated, and their operations interoperable.
According to DICT Mindanao Cluster 2 Director Evamay Dela Rosa, the Regional GovNet Project in Butuan City has already catered some 80 government agencies in the regional center of Caraga region.
GovNet has been designed as a safe, wide area network communication infrastructure that will connect government ministries, agencies and departments to ease shared services, including data centre computing services (Gov-Cloud), consolidated voice communication system (Gov-Talk), consolidated email system (Gov-Email) and Gov-Internet.
The Department of Information and Communication Technology provides online connectivity to 43 government entities in this city under its Regional GovNet (Government Network) Internet projects DICT Regional GovNet Infrastructure Project manager Alona Isidro, during the regional launching of the Baguio GovNet at Crown Legacy last week said the DICT internet connectivity uses Fiber Optics Cable (FOC) technology.
Using that evidence, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developments (OECD) Network on Governance (GovNet) produces a guidance document recommending principles and approaches for development action to address illicit financial flows.
The agencies connected to the government network (GovNet) will be able to access files and data easily and conveniently, thus providing unified and simplified services to the citizens, Dela Rosa said.
Object of the contract is primarily focused on support services, operation and development of the demilitarized zone (DMZ = Serviced environment) infrastructure entity and its connection to the Internet to connect with other departments GOVNET information network.
Object of the contract is primarily focused on support services, operation and development demilitarized zone (DMZ = Servisovan environment) infrastructure entity and its connection to the Internet along with the connection to other departments GOVNET information network.
Govnet runs one of the country`s largest Cisco router-based networks, supplying data communications to most government departments and provincial governments.