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GOVNETGovernment Network (secure/private US network)
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The GovNET network reportedly serves the needs of mission-critical entities, including emergency services, judicial branches, schools, libraries and hospitals, to securely communicate via high-capacity connectivity previously unavailable in rural areas of the Western US and at affordable rates.
Pat Barringer, CEO of GovNET explained, "In order to span the large area of 88,000 square miles across Arizona and to deliver high-speed communications to underserved areas affordably, we opted for a high-capacity and rapidly deployable wireless network, for our access and backbone networks.
In order to make the STePS service even more effective, personalisation features allow individuals to create their own user account and register their interests on the GovNet website.
GovNet decided to split the contract for the upgrade and maintenance of the OpeNET network in 1996, enabling it to select vendors according to areas of expertise, instead of relying on one vendor to deal with all aspects of the contract.
Sidney Kahoonei, executive director of Validian's North American E-Gov Security Business Practice, added, "The interest generated by our attendance at GovNet 2005 has positioned Validian products for fourth quarter government program funding and for strategic funding going forward.
The GovNET network is the highest-performance microwave and fiber network of its kind, connecting emergency organizations and first-responders in the western U.
The attendees at the govNET Summit will be privileged to hear Tom Ridge's view of Leadership.
Mark Phillips, Director of Communications at GovNet said, "STePS is the first internet portal that will provide a single point of access to all government related information.
For the fourth time, in as many years, we expect that this govNET Summit will be as successful as those past, in bringing together key senior IT executives in the public sector for a uniquely efficient, time-saving forum for knowledge exchange, relationship building and the development of business strategies.
With TeamSite, LGAQ claims it has developed a suite of otherwise unavailable resources and services for local government employees, which includes exclusive access to the State Government intranet, GovNet.
In early 2003, Kamoon executives have spoken at a variety of industry events including Legal Tech 2003, Braintrust 2003 Knowledge Summit, Help Desk Institute Conference 2003, and Govnet Summit 2003.
GOVNET is planned to be a private voice and data network based on the Internet Protocol (IP), but with no connectivity with commercial or public networks.