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GACGranular Activated Carbon
GACGreat American Country
GACGustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, Minnesota)
GACGlobal Assembly Cache (Microsoft .NET)
GACGeneral Aviation Commission
GACGreater Atlanta Christian (Georgia)
GACGovernment Affairs Committee
GACGlobal Action for Children (est. 2003)
GACGlobal Attribute Classification
GACGuangzhou Automobile Company
GACGovernmental Advisory Committee
GACGeneral Access Copy
GACGalveston Arts Center (Galveston, TX)
GACGeneric Assessment Criteria (risk assessment)
GACGovernment Advisory Committee
GACGeological Association of Canada
GACGlobal Area Coverage
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GACGet A Clue
GACSanta Clara/ Great America (Amtrak station code; Santa Clara, CA)
GACGroup Audit Committee (various locations)
GACGovernmental Affairs Committee
GACGeneral Affairs Council (EU)
GACGirls at the Center
GACGCRC Advisory Committee (Penn State)
GACGeneral Advisory Committee
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GACGlobal AIDS Coordinator (US Department of State)
GACGalway Arts Centre (Galway, Ireland)
GACGuidelines and Audit Committee (UK)
GACGuilty As Charged (band)
GACGovernment Access Channel (various locations)
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GACGovernment Affairs Conference
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GACGroup Access Capability
GACGeospatial Advisory Committee
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GACGraphic Arts Center
GACGovernor's Advisory Council
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GACGeneralized Arc-Consistency
GACGlobal Atmospheric Change (environment)
GACGraphic Adventure Creator
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GACGeneral American Corporation (real estate vendor management provider)
GACGreater Alabama Council (Boy Scouts of America)
GACGlobal Afrikan Congress
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GACGreat Arkansas Cleanup
GACGround Assault Convoy
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GACGraduate Admission Committee
GACGoodyear Atomic Corporation
GACGroundwater Activated Carbon
GACGeneral Analytics Corporation
GACGorkha Ayurved Company (Nepal)
GACGloucester Arts Council
GACGolder Associates Corporation
GACGlobal Assessment of Change (score used in clinical studies medical)
GACGrangeville Air Center (Us Forest Service Smokejumper Base in Northern Idaho)
GACGamblin Artists Colors Co.
GACGraphical Activity Client
GACGeneral Acoustic Conditions
GACGeological Advisory Committee (North Carolina Geological Survey)
GACGlobal Avalanche Criterion
GACGovernment and Anti-Corruption (Diagnostics Tools)
GACGrammar Applicative and Cognitive (model)
GACGoods At Consolidator
GACGirls' Action Council
GACGravesham Arts Council (UK)
GACGenerale Accessoires Chauffage
GACGeneral Application Controls (information technology auditing)
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Next week, a government advisory committee is expected to move to end the geographic disparity, as it debates whether every state should test every newborn for 30 genetic illnesses.
Even a Government advisory committee had found cannabis was less harmful than the codeine-based drug he had been prescribed, he told the court.
In handling the application, the agency is following guidance from a Government advisory committee which said incineration is a safe method of disposal of infected material, he added.
Prof Blain, who is heading a Government advisory committee, says it could take more than half an hour for people caught in an attack to be treated - but nerve agents can have serious effects within minutes.
Unanimously approved by a government advisory committee in May, Xolair is a promising drug for treating people with allergic asthma.
Arvada, Colo., Mayor Ken Fellman, committee member and chair of the Local and State Government Advisory Committee (LSGAC) to the Federal Communications Commission, discussed the recent activities of that group concentrating on an FCC rights-of-way forum scheduled for October 16 in Washington, D.C.
In response, a government advisory committee has concluded that the FDA should issue recommendations regarding the safety of tuna consumption in women who are or may become pregnant.
The Food and Drug Administration needs to issue recommendations regarding tuna consumption in women who are or may become pregnant, a government advisory committee said.
The FCC's Local and State Government Advisory Committee has urged the FCC to retain local regulation of Internet services provided by cable system operators, and classify cable-delivered Internet access as a cable service, continuing the tradition of local oversight for cable operators.
A Hong Kong government advisory committee recommended Friday the introduction of a sales tax to broaden the territory's narrow tax base and to help reduce its chronic fiscal deficits.
-- Members of a government advisory committee charged with helping to select next year's flu vaccine voted to retain the two current influenza A vaccine components and to wait and gather more data on emerging influenza B pathogens before deciding on the third and, possibly, a fourth component.
Scientists from York Nutritional Laboratories (YNL) in Great Britain have backed claims made by a Government Advisory Committee report that there is a strong link between the microorganisms present in milk and bowel conditions such as Crohn's Disease.
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