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GOVCCGovernment Credit Card (travel card)
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Deputy prime minister Mona Sahlin bought a bar of chocolate, baby nappies handsome other personal items with a government credit card, and paid dearly for it: she lost her job.
Ms Wallin gives a 1990s case of then-Deputy Prime Minister Mona Sahlin, who bought a bar of chocolate, nappies and some other personal items using a government credit card. For the scandal, which would later be known as the Toblerone Case, she lost her job.
The county is also investigating whether he improperly used his government credit card.
However, it is worth noting that in both Ragins and Christy, the thief did more than just swipe a government credit card to induce the transfer of money.
Many of the charges were on the government credit card issued to him.
Government credit card records show the Treasury paid PS3,041 for Rada courses last year.
The government credit card works much the same way as a corporate credit card, Moya said.
Bush was removed from the premier's office late last year in a parliamentary vote one week after his arrest on suspicion of theft related to misuse of a government credit card and other allegations.
Premier Bush was released on bail Wednesday as the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service investigate allegations that he misused his government credit card and imported explosive devices without a permit.
National Guard units can pay with a government credit card or provide a two-digit fund code for their heraldic items.
It may be tempting to use a government credit card to get the air-miles but it only leaves a paper trail.
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