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GIPGibraltar Pound (ISO currency code)
GIPGroupement d'Intérêt Public (French)
GIPGlobal Infrastructure Partners (various locations)
GIPGlobal Initiative on Psychiatry (various locations)
GIPGateway Interoperable Protocol
GIPGlobal Ip
GIPGarp Information Propagation
GIPGraphic Information Processing
GIPGsm Interworking Profile
GIPGiudice per le Indagini Preliminari
GIPGirl in Progress (film)
GIPGlucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide
GIPGastric Inhibitory Peptide
GIPGeo-Information Processing (University of Twente; Netherlands)
GIPGlobal Internet Project
GIPGas in Place (total volume of natural gas in an underground rock formation)
GIPGovernment Investment Pool
GIPGraduate Institute of Peace Studies (est. 1984; South Korea)
GIPGames I Play (community)
GIPGlobal Inventory Project
GIPGeneral Information Programme (UNESCO)
GIPGood Informatics Practices
GIPGeneral Intelligence Presidency (Saudi Arabia)
GIPGreen Industrial Park
GIPGross Internal Product
GIPGlobal Influenza Program
GIPGirlchan in Paradise (animated Internet series)
GIPGalvanized Iron Pipe
GIPGo in Peace
GIPGovernment Industry Partnership
GIPGeneralized Inner Product
GIPGratuitous Icon Post
GIPGastrointestinal inhibitory peptide
GIPGeneric Implementation Procedure
GIPGridded Installation Photograph
GIPGround Impact Point
GIPGet in Position (San Anselmo, CA)
GIPGestate in Peace
GIPGlazed Imitation Parchment
GIPGeneric Intelligence Plan
GIPGeneric Interface Processor
GIPGeological Investigation Permit
GIPGCCS Implementation Procedures
GIPGeneric Intel Processor
GIPGiant Inflatable Penguin (X-Files)
GIPGreat Indian Peninsular Railroad
GIPGlobal Indirect Procurement
GIPGas Injection Pipeline
GIPGaming Input Protocol
GIPGet It Pumped
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It is one of the few studies which specifically examined activities surrounding a specific state-sponsored local government investment pool (Bunch, 1999; Modlin & Stewart, 2013).
In the full model with seven predictors, local government investment pools were significant and positive and with the inclusion of the odds ratios, it can be concluded that the initial choice of financiers is that of the local government investment pool.
* The Florida Government Investment Pool adopted best practice guidelines in July 2009; they are available at 3D&tabid=611.
Specifically, the practice recommends that governments not invest in securities maturing more than five years from the date of purchase, that they adopt weighted average maturity limitations, and that a portion of the portfolio be invested in readily available funds such as local government investment pools and money market funds.
* In order to increase returns on temporarily excess funds, the creation and use of a local government investment pool should be considered.
In most states there are provisions for the creation and operation of a government investment pool. The purpose of the pool is to allow political subdivisions to pool investable funds in order to achieve a potentially higher yield.
One alternative is to invest the balances elsewhere (in certificates of deposit, local government investment pools, or direct investment), or to negotiate with the bank to use a letter of credit (drawn on a different bank) in lieu of collateralizing your deposits.
529 College Savings Plans and Local Government Investment Pools), the MSRB says those who pass the Series 6 exam are a "Municipal Securities Representative qualified by virtue of being a Limited Representative - Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products."
Similar to MMMFs are government investment pools. Many states offer funds to their municipalities in which they can pool their funds to invest in cash like instruments (Cook and Duffield 1993).
U.S.-based investment funds that operate similarly to local government investment pools, common trust funds, and collective investment funds will also be permitted to participate.
Many of these subprime mortgages have been repackaged and sold to corporate investors, structured investment vehicles and financial institutions, and are held in bond funds, enhanced cash funds, money market funds and local government investment pools (LGIPs).
The GASB said the reporting requirement also would apply to government investment pools unless they operated similarly to money mutual funds, in which case they could retain cost-based accounting.
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