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government obligations held by the Social Security trust fund as
Property developers mock them with luxurious developments that ignore government obligations to create social housing.
Scholars of political science and religion ponder the potentials and pitfalls of the US government giving, and religious organizations taking, money to fulfill government obligations for social services.
It discusses and analyzes the securitization of state and local government obligations, interest on which is federally tax-exempt, using partnerships, custodial arrangements, and trusts and other structures that pass through to investors the interest income without changing its character for federal income tax purposes.
''The continued buildup of reserves further reduces the risk associated with these government obligations'' although the level of international reserves has always been relatively high compared with foreign-currency or euroyen obligations guaranteed by the Japanese government or issued by government agencies, Moody's said.
For the investments that have a readily determinable market price, the auditor can check the market value by using various market listings that show the last bid price of stocks and bonds and government obligations.
Another frightening aspect of this growing problem is the enormous unfunded government obligations extending many years into the future.
While the IRS developed some audit expertise in the area of these so-called section 501(c)(3) bonds, that expertise was not applied to the wider world of government obligations and private activity bonds.
(6) Underwriting and dealing in government obligations and money market instruments that state member banks may underwrite or deal in under 12 U.S.C.
FICO issued bonds not backed by full faith and credit, with interest and issuance costs borne through assessments against FSLIC-insured S&Ls and principal supported by FICO's purchases (from its capital) of zero-coupon government obligations. Bond proceeds were to be used to purchase FSLIC capital certificates and stock.
(PDIC) unit will advance payment for the unpaid portion of the properties which, according to sources, amount to 'over P60 million' in unpaid government obligations.
Its portfolio includes corporate bonds, the US government obligations, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), asset-backed securities, short-term investments, collateralised mortgage obligations and foreign government obligations.
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