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GPRGround Penetrating Radar
GPRGaussian Process Regression (mathematics)
GPRGeneral Practice Residency (medical training)
GPRGeneral Purpose Registers
GPRGeneral Purpose Register (IBM S/360/370/390)
GPRGround Probing Radar
GPRGrand Pacific Resorts (California)
GPRGround Potential Rise (electrical engineering)
GPRGrade Point Ratio
GPRGovernment of Puerto Rico
GPRGlengarry-Prescott-Russell (Canada)
GPRGoogle Page Rank
GPRGeneral Purpose Reloadable (debit cards)
GPRGovernment Purpose Rights
GPRGeek Public Radio (Internet radio station)
GPRGlobal Posture Review (US DoD)
GPRGesellschaft für Pädiatrische Radiologie
GPRGoddard Procedural Requirement (US NASA)
GPRGram positive rod
GPRGreen Point Rater (training certification)
GPRGross Profit Ratio
GPRGlobal Pirate Radio (online radio)
GPRGroup Product Report (UK)
GPRGlucose Production Rate (biology)
GPRGroupe Permanent Chargé des Réacteurs (French: Standing Group in Charge of Reactors)
GPRGunpowder Residue
GPRGraphical Patient Record
GPRGlobal Position Receiver
GPRGallatin Paranormal Research (Tennessee)
GPRGovernment Plant Representative
GPRGrading Plan Review
GPRGroup Property Representative
GPRGraphical Process Representation
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An organization may cross the line and be guilty of false claims violations when it markets, sells, deploys or delivers a version of its product produced by mixed funding, company investment and government funding as commercial software with limited or restricted rights--thereby depriving the government agency of the government purpose rights it may have purchased and deserved.
This can occur when commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software for which a commercial fee is paid for each use is modified or extended through government funding and becomes government off-the-shelf (GOTS) software entitled to government purpose rights following a one-time commercial fee.
Third, since we obtain government purpose rights or better on all of our software, we place all that software code in a repository and make it available to our vendor base within our contracts.
Second, they have to agree that if they take software out of the repository and make changes to it, they have to put the changed software back into the repository with government purpose rights so we can share it.
6) Computer software that was previously given to the government with lesser rights and the restrictions have expired, or computer software that was given with government purpose rights and the contractor's exclusive right to use for commercial purposes has expired.
The government purpose rights (GPR) license, which is applicable to all mixed-funding situations, allows the government to use technical data and/or computer software for government purposes only including competition but excluding commercial use.
Guertin: Government purpose rights, or GPR, are very important to what we are trying to accomplish by implementing OA.
If data are developed with private-sector funding, the government will generally be allowed government purpose rights.
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