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GTACGoogle Test Automation Conference
GTACGenome Technology Access Center (Washington University; St. Louis, MO)
GTACGlobal Technical Access Center (Seimens; Plano, TX)
GTACGlobal Tool for Acceptance and Continuance (intranet; Ernst and Young)
GTACGovernment Technical Assistance Centre (UK)
GTACGCCS (Global Command and Control System) Technical Assistance Center
GTACGas Tungsten Arc Cutting
GTACGovernance Technical Assistance Credit (World Bank)
GTACGround Tactical Air Controller
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The worry is that Big Brother will soon be watching our every click on the Internet when the bill becomes law this autumn along with the opening of the Government Technical Assistance Centre empowered to force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to allow them access to their networks.
A pounds 30 million internet surveillance unit - called the Government Technical Assistance Centre - will be able to monitor any e-mails sent and websites accessed by an ISP's clients.
The site, to be called the Government Technical Assistance Centre, will probably specialise in unscrambling coded Internet messages.
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