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The Government of Belize is currently implementing a second phase of the Solid Waste Management Project, a US$10 million IDB loan that is financing investments to improve solid waste transport, recovery, and final disposal in towns and villages in Belize's Northern (Orange Walk and Corozal) and Southern (Stann Creek and Toledo) Corridors as well as in Belmopan.
While the Government of Belize has made advances in its recent legislative and regulatory work, it should also provide more professional development training for current staff and provide additional human resources to effectively enforce its AML regime.
Following the implementation of STP I in 2013, the Government of Belize and the IDB collaborated on a second Sustainable Tourism Program (STP II), through an extensive planning process.
That's what set me on the road to going to Belize and meeting the people at the farm and helping them with their financial reporting and bookkeeping, so they could apply for grants from the government of Belize. Then that led me to the schools down there that had similar needs.
OWe appreciate the consideration given to our proposal by the government of Belize and we respect their decision,O said Norwegian officials in a statement.
But by 2011, the government of Belize recognized its paradise could be lost if it did not reverse a rising tide of crime that had turned a once tranquil nation into a country with the world's sixth-highest homicide rate per capita.
The government of Belize has also tried to preserve its archaeological patrimony as a means of building a national identity.
In 1999, the government of Belize invited foreign investment in its electric utility.
In an effort to expand and improve TVET in the country of Belize, and provide opportunities for its people, the government of Belize invested $4.4 million into the establishment and development of Institutes for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ITVETs) (Caribbean Development Bank, 2001).
Belize The Government of Belize has managed to broker a temporary solution with Carnival Cruise Lines, the main cruise operator servicing Belize, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, that provides a buffer and buys some time for local boat operators in the tourist industry, who were facing an abrupt, financially devastating ejection from the industry by a suddenly imposed passenger policy originating overseas.
(9.) Government of Belize, Central Statistical Office.
The government of Belize actively promotes the teaching of the Maya culture and language in the country's primary educational institutions.
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