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The second day will bring together international experts senior representatives of the government of tunisia and tunisian and foreign investors to focus on:
The council extended its condolences to the families of the victims, the government of Tunisia and the governments who have lost citizens in the attack.
The government of Tunisia, shocked that 11 of its nationals were among the Qaeda-affiliated attackers of the In-Amenas plant, has since imposed a state of emergency in that border area, while Libya now is sunk by a chaotic civil war.
With a total cost of $36.8 million, the IFAD-supported project is co-financed with contributions from: the European Union with $3.5 million; national financial institutions with $2.9 million; and the government of Tunisia with $10.9 million, which includes investment from the rural women and men benefitting from the project.
During the meeting, Bettaieb reiterated his support for TFH, and expressed the government of Tunisia's commitment to ensuring development of the project according to the plan, side by side with GFH.
'While Governments change, international human rights obligations remain binding.' The Government of Tunisia has accepted a visit of the Working Group in November.
The government of Tunisia, in support of TFH and as part of the investment agreement it has signed with the company, allocated the budget necessary to complete major and strategic infrastructure work in relation to access and roads to TFH.
Jebali thanked the support of Turkish government to the newly formed government of Tunisia. He noted that they wanted to learn from experiences and knowledge of Turkey, adding that they also wanted to strengthen cooperation with Turkey in every area.
Jolie praised the government of Tunisia for its generosity toward the refugees.
"That is why I think the sensible advice to give, whether it is to Egypt or sensible advice at an earlier stage to what was the government of Tunisia is to understand the grievances and deal with them in an evolutionary way and by bringing necessary reforms," he added.
"I sincerely hope that all the stakeholders in Tunisia [...] will help as much as they can so that the people and government of Tunisia gain stability and rule of law."
The Government of Tunisia hired Washington Media Group because of WMG's winning track record of providing smart strategic and creative counsel including: messaging, innovative web site development, leveraging social media (such as Facebook and Twitter), and designing and placing advertising that delivers a return on its clients' investment.
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