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GOZGovernment of Zimbabwe
GOZGovernment of Zanzibar
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The Government of Zanzibar legalized foreign exchange bureaus on the islands before mainland Tanzania moved to do so.
Between 1987 and 1988, the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (RGoZ) designed and carried out an Emergency Short Term Plan.
I'm working closely with the government of Zanzibar by trying to support them in getting 1,500 school desks and finish building a new orphanage there as well.A"
However, the government of Zanzibar received 75% of its original investment cost, or $11.6m, in compensation.
In 2004, Zanzibari police arrested Islamic activist Sheikh Kurwa Shauri; no charges were reportedly filed, but following the arrest, the Government of Zanzibar forced him to return to Dar es Salaam.
In other words, the CUF wants a government of Zanzibar responsible for Zanzibari affairs only and a government of Tanganyika responsible for Tanganyika affairs only.
Zanzibar: Oman and Zanzibar are to activate a memorandum of understanding signed between NRAA and the Zanzibar National Archives (NZA) in the field of documents and archives, which provides for "conservation and digitisation and exchange of copies of historical documents between NRAA and the Government of Zanzibar. Dr.
A grant of US $361,515 will support the Government of Zanzibar a small island highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change to strengthen national capacities on climate change and to integrate climate resilience into development planning in four critical sectors: agriculture, fisheries, infrastructure and tourism, at the national, local and municipal levels.
Also, the Government of Zanzibar has retained its 15% stake in the company.
The gust praised the specials relations between the Sultanate and the Government of Zanzibar and the commonalities between the two peoples.
Among those who also witnessed De Castro's oath-taking were Chief Justice Mohamed Chande Othman of Tanzania, Second Vice President Seif Ali Iddi of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, and Judge BlackbunneRigsby, President of the National Association of Women Judges of th United States of America.
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