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GOTSGlobal Organic Textile Standard (Oregon Tilth; Salem, OR)
GOTSGovernment Off-The-Shelf
GOTSGovernment Off the Shelf
GOTSGoal of the Season
GOTSGame of the Show (gaming expos)
GOTSGeneral Occupational/Technical Studies (academic degree)
GOTSGross Opportunity To See
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This can occur when commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software for which a commercial fee is paid for each use is modified or extended through government funding and becomes government off-the-shelf (GOTS) software entitled to government purpose rights following a one-time commercial fee.
Spiral development, the essence of ESC's new way of acquiring systems, is an innovative method to field a system quickly using commercial and government off-the-shelf equipment with maximum user involvement throughout the process.
Unlike Government Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) Type 1 security solutions, the CSfC program leverages rapidly deployed, highly agile commercial technologies for data at rest protection of highly sensitive data.
DCGS-N was designed to leverage commercial off-the-shelf and mature government off-the-shelf software, tools and standards to provide a scalable, modular and extensible multi-source capability that operates at the general service and Sensitive Compartmented Information security levels.
The systems include commercial off-the-shelf, government off-the-shelf, and custom applications that fulfill specific business needs for the organization.
Increment 1 will involve the deployment of stand-alone government off-the-shelf and commercial off-the-shelf-based products for network operations akin to those being used for the JNN network.
"Next-generation platforms are also likely to be based on existing commercial or government off-the-shelf vehicles," said Blades.
Other software includes Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL database and government off-the-shelf software.
It is an integration of the capabilities of commercial off-the-shelf, government off-the-shelf applications coupled by developmental software to meet deficiencies identified by the COCOMs.
Before proceeding, the team conducts a comprehensive examination for potential sources of COTS, government off-the-shelf, current R & D, S & T programs, and planned programs.
It also has a universal physical interface that ensures its compatibility with commercial and government off-the-shelf products.
It integrates the capabilities of Commercial Off-The-Shelf, Government Off-The-Shelf and some developmental software to meet network planning and management deficiencies identified by the Combatant Commands.
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