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GbEGigabit Ethernet (IEEE 802.3z-1998)
GbEGesundheitsberichterstattung des Bundes (German: Federal Health Monitoring System)
GbEGlory Boyz Entertainment (record label)
GbEGlycine Betaine (molecular solvent)
GbEGovernor of the Bank of England (UK)
GbEGigabit Ethernet
GbEGlobal Business Environment
GbEGovernment Business Enterprise (Australia)
GbEGrand Banks Energy (Canada)
GbEGreen Building Engineer (certification)
GbEGinkgo Biloba Extrakt
GbEGlobal Business Executive
GbEGrand Cross of the British Empire (Knight or Dame)
GbEGlobal Betting Exchange (online sports betting exchange, Dublin, Ireland)
GbEGroupes Bibliques d'Entreprises (French: Biblical Business Groups)
GbEGéosciences Biologie Environnement (French: Environmental Biology Geosciences)
GbEGaborone, Botswana - Gaborone (Airport Code)
GbEGround Based Element (Army National Missile Defense)
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The process to appoint the next Governor of the Bank of England commences.
The search for the next governor of the Bank of England has been launched to replace Mark Carney when he stands down next January.
In 2005, he was asked by Lord Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England, to lead a APS50 million community development project that operated in 11,000 state schools and engaged 2.5 million children across England and Wales.
Bank of England chief crying wolf WE obviously got a bargain when we made Mark Carney the Governor of the Bank of England; not only is he a superb snake-oil salesman, a perfect stand-in for Mystic Meg and/or Senna (Up Pompeii's Soothsayer), and an ideal leader writer for Old Moore's Almanac, a grown-up (well almost) version of the boy who cried wolf, he is also able (with his tarot cards and crystal ball) to predict the state of our dynamic economy to within 0.1 per cent in twenty, thirty or forty years' time (years when he is relaxing somewhere enjoying his big fat, inflation proof pension)!
<B Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney and (right) Business Secretary Greg Clark address the Northern Powerhouse Business Summit in Newcastle yesterday
It said that UK Chancellor and Exchequer Philip Hammond is starting the process to select the next Governor of the Bank of England to replace Mark Carney in 2019.
ALSOP students began their term with a surprising inspirational letter from Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney.
The new official would take over from Mark Carney, who is set step down as governor of the Bank of England in June 2019, three months after the country's scheduled exit from the European Union.
The Governor of the Bank of England says Brexit is likely to hurt growth in the UK and push up inflation.
However the two men in charge of deciding the future of Northern Rock - Alistair Darling, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England - deny that there was ever a serious offer from Lloyds.
Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney Sharp rises in cost of living BANK of England governor Mark Carney warned Britons not to be fooled by last month's drop in inflation as he said sharp rises in the cost of living are coming.
The governor of the Bank of England has defended the Bank's actions before and after the UK's referendum decision to leave the European Union.
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