GOVIGambia Organisation of the Visually Impaired
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With its extensive engineering and manufacturing experience, GOVI has built a broad international client base for its artktik line of high-efficiency trailer refrigeration units.
Emulco Malaysia, which will be rebranded to Govi, serves markets in South-East Asia with a product portfolio of emulsions and dispersions that is very similar to that of Govi.
8220;We believe energy monitoring and management is an effective approach for driving energy savings and reducing the carbon footprint,” said Govi Rao, president and CEO of Noveda Technologies.
Our studies of real-time energy and water use indicate the importance of education and communication in achieving sustained behavioral change which drives resource conservation," said Govi Rao, president and CEO of Noveda Technologies.
Canyons quarterback Kevin Carrasco (1,316 yards passing, 12 TDs, 5 interceptions) will have to contend with the pass rush of defensive end Govi Couvin, linebacker Russell Doty and safety Brett Van Pelt.
When you consider parking garage lights are on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, energy costs can amount to a significant overhead cost," says Govi Rao, chairman and chief executive officer of Lighting Science.
SeeNews) - Jul 18, 2013 - Belgian detergents and chemicals group Christeyns announced today the takeover of local sector player Govi to bolster the operations of its own oleochemicals division which is seen as a strategic pillar of growth.
7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --The New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) announced today that Govi Rao, President and CEO of Noveda Technologies, has been named Chairman of the Board of Directors for the NJTC.
We are very pleased to partner with Rimat, especially as we look to expand globally," said Govi Rao, president and CEO of Noveda Technologies.
The 52 graduates include Brentten Adney, Juliana Armijo, Kala Bell, Michael Bredfield, Karissa Cantwell, Robert Casto, Clorissa Charro, Spencer Christie, Eric Flores, Kaila Galloway, Megan Grinder, Scott Hicks, Alana Hill, Jeff Hollis, Aaron Jackson, Anna Johnson, Christina Johnson, Josh Johnson, Jessica Jordan, Keenan Jordan, Tyler Kolander, Julie Kong, James Lethcoe, Daylon Liles, Tyler Lipski-Edson, Mariah Mantis, Sasha Marshall, Kaprice Maximin, Angilee McNeil, Steven Meltabarger, Brandon Orozco, Christian Perry, Govi Phalen, Michael Putnam, Ashley Readen, Mariah Redden, Brandon Riedel, Scotty Root, Erica Sharp, Travis Simms, Tyler Southworth, Devin St.
As one of the largest and most respected lighting fixture providers in the industry, Acuity Brands Lighting has the presence to commercialize breakthrough LED technology broadly to the market in a very meaningful way," said Govi Rao, Chief Executive Officer of Lighting Science Group.