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GOWGod of War (video game)
GOWGears of War (video game)
GOWGrain of Wheat
GOWGreat Ocean Walk (trail; Australia)
GOWGods of War (Jedi Academy gaming clan)
GOWGrapes of Wrath
GOWGarden of War (War2 map)
GOWGates of Winter (band)
GOWGoods Outwards Warehouse
GOWGovernment-Owned Wetlands
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Gow Yum, twenty years before, had had charge of the vegetable garden of one of the great Menlo Park estates.
When old Gow Yum needed to go to San Francisco to sign certain papers before the Chinese Consul, permission had first to be obtained from San Quentin.
Paul, Gow Yum, and Chan Chi were to be paid was beyond him.
An' go ahead an' borrow that four hundred from Gow Yum.
I had this from Harmon Gow, who had driven the stage from Bettsbridge to Starkfield in pre-trolley days and knew the chronicle of all the families on his line.
Though Harmon Gow developed the tale as far as his mental and moral reach permitted there were perceptible gaps between his facts, and I had the sense that the deeper meaning of the story was in the gaps.
So marked was the change in her manner, such depths of sad initiation did it imply, that, with some doubts as to my delicacy, I put the case anew to my village oracle, Harmon Gow; but got for my pains only an uncomprehending grunt.
Then Harmon Gow suggested that Ethan Frome's bay was still on his legs and that his owner might be glad to drive me over.
A gaunt, red-haired labourer, with a dogged jaw and chin, but quite blank blue eyes, he went by the name of Israel Gow, and was the one silent servant on that deserted estate.
The black silhouette of Gow with his top hat and spade passed the window, dimly outlined against the darkening sky.
You are to understand that the place generally was dismantled and neglected; but one or two rooms had plainly been inhabited in a simple but not squalid style by somebody; somebody who was not the servant Gow. The list is as follows:
"I'm doubtful about it," said the other, "because old Gow was doubtful about it himself.