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GP CAPTGroup Captain
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Gp Capt Whittaker also received an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours in 1962.
Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Military) was conferred upon Gp Capt Zahid-Ul-Hassan, Gp Capt Noman Khalil, Gp Capt Zulfiqar Ali Shaheen, Gp Capt Hafiz Javed Iqbal, Gp Capt Tariq Azeem, Gp Capt Agha Mehr Gul, Gp Capt Nasir Jamal Khattak, Gp Capt Syed Shahzada Alam, Gp Capt Omair Ahmed Najmi, Gp Capt Aatir Mehboob, Gp Capt Hashim Khan, Gp Capt Sohail Ahmed, Gp Capt Syed Mohammad Ali, Gp Capt Salman Ahmad Malik, Gp Capt Saifullah, Gp Capt Abdus Salam, Wg Cdr Mohammad Anjum Saeed, Wg Cdr Mutahir-Ul-Islam, Wg Cdr Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi, Wg Cdr M Suleman Khalid Mughal, Wg Cdr Malik Imran-E-Adalat, Wg Cdr Mohammad Altaf Saeed (Posthumous).
Gp Capt Ryder's 'kill' was one of 11 planes he took out during the conflict.