GRAPGenerally Recognised Accounting Practice (South Africa)
GRAPGuard Recruiting Assistance Program
GRAPGray Partridge (bird species)
GRAPGroupe de Recherche en Ambiances Physiques
GRAPGhana Research and Advocacy Programme (also seen as G-RAP)
GraPD-Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate
GRAPGRB2 (Growth Factor Receptor-Bound 2) Related Adaptor Protein (genetics)
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Studies on oral care interventions in critically ill patients have typically focused on the products used to clean the oral cavity and the frequency of oral care (Berry, Davidson, Masters, & Rolls, 2007; Cutler & Davis, 2005; Munro & Grap, 2004).
Mary Jo Grap, PhD, RN, FAAN, Nursing Alumni Distinguished Professor, School of Nursing, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA
Yield grap analysis between dry and wet season rice crop grown under high-yielding management conditions.
In their belief, the authorities' relationship with Turkey, Qatar and France thus must not contradict the essence of life in the pro-opposition camp, and that instead, the economic and diplomatic benefits of such relations must be exploited to bolster Syria's position in this camp, while economic openness must not infringe upon the dominance of the Party and the security services' grap.
Letters, Tele grap h, Street, or email coventry net inaflth hr Ht ter futu He was proud of club, attending with family as well as friends, and looked forward to introducing his own daughter to the club in future years.
The committee had an in-depth discussion on GRAP and reasons behind its closure.
PESHAWAR, May 27 -- Speakers at a daylong seminar on Gender Reform Action Plan (GRAP) suggested that as a first step towards women empowerment the government should take measures to segregate Department of Women Development from Social Welfare so as to implement GRAP and focus on women-related issues.
Page, "With Jannie in the Jungle: European Humor in an East African Campaign, 1914-1918," The international Journal of African Historical Studies, 14:3 (1981) and Hester Wortley, Die Grap in Afrikaans, MA, University of Stellenbosch, 1992, an attempt to collect and categorise Afrikaans jokes.
Roedd hi'n cydnabod ei bod hi'n cyffredinoli, mae gan rai o'n disgyblion ni (a'n hathrawon o ran hynny) grap reit dda ar y Gymraeg a rheolau gramadeg, ond mae'n debyg nad oedd llawer o'r rheiny yn y pentwr papurau gafodd Meg.
Grap MJ, Munro C, Hummell R III, Elswick RK, McKinney J, Sessler C.