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GRAALGround-Layer Adaptive Optics Assisted by Laser (European Space Organization)
GRAALGRenoble Anneau Accélérateur Laser (Hadronic physics experiment at ESRF, Grenoble, France)
GRAALGeneral Recursive Applicative and Algorithmic Language
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Le retour en grace des legendes arthuriennes dans la periode 1810-1820 a pu suffisamment marquer Nodier pour que ce dernier organise et resserre son recit en faisant de sa conquete du Ben Lomond et de sa recherche de specimens de plantes locales, sous l'angle de la parodie, une quete du Graal ecossais.
Among other rites and symbols, the Holy Graal was an essential representation used by Waite's order (Carpenter 82).
Le Conte du Graal tiene como protagonista en su primera parte a Perceval, un joven rustico cuyo aprendizaje de la cortesia y la caballeria ocupa los primeros episodios.
Alem disso, "adaptou-se ao longo do tempo a diversos gostos e influencias religiosas que orientaram seus herois para a busca do Graal, simbolo da graca divina, e contrapuseram aos herois amorosos os herois asceticos como Galaaz e Persival" (MEGALE, 2001, p.
By examining the transformations and values attached to these narrative ailleurs over the course of Perceval's adventures, I shall produce a reading of the Conte du Graal in which the need to heal the Fisher King coincides with the recovery of the father whose existence is revealed to the hero at the outset of the romance.
Author Carey (early and medieval Ireland, University College Cork) argues that some of its origins lie in Chretian de Troyes' unfinished Conte del Graal, and he examine what Celtic sources Troyes himself may have been plumbing.
In: Primer seminari GRAAL 2005: pobresa, marginacio i salut.
Norwegian food group Orkla Foods, part of the multi-sector group Orkla ASA, announced on Friday (14 September) that it has agreed to sell its Polish subsidiary Superfish to the Polish company Graal SA for an undisclosed sum.
Storytelling Session: Kevin Graal, the Pied Piper of stories, songs and wicked riddles, will transport children to an enchanting world of myths and music, and weave a magical web of make-believe into stories and songs.
During a three-year period culminating in 1916, Orrefors artist Simon Gate developed a technique which he called Graal (meaning Holy Grail).
In The Holy Grail: Imagination and Belief, Richard Barber sets himself the daunting task of "trac(ing) what we know about the Grail" from its original manifestation in Chretien de Troyes's Le Conte du Graal, through its various medieval incarnations and nineteenth-century revivals, and into the popular culture of the twentieth century (1).
The essay proposes a reconsideration of Chretien de Troyes' Le Conte du Graal as an existentialist romance, where Perceval's failure to help the Roi Pescheor, Fisher King, and to reach the Grail ultimately results from his failure to interpret the instruction he receives from the romance's women.