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Summary: Many men seem to agree that when it comes to resilience and grace under pressure, women are far ahead of them
I value and admire people who exhibit grace under pressure.
As the salvos and criticisms were hurled, Tugade also kept his cool and grace under pressure, or was it pressure under Senator Poe's request that dialogues be held every two months to iron out remaining problems.
That sense of grace under pressure was a quality Tharmo demonstrated from an early age, one which undoubtedly was rooted in her deep faith and devotion to the Guru Granth Sahib, the spiritual guide for all Sikhs.
Joaquin Navarro embodied what Ernest Hemingway defined as courage: grace under pressure.
Officer Kise is incredible example of bravery, poise, and grace under pressure, said Sen.
Spanning history from the American Revolution to the modern day, these tales include stories of the first African-Americans and women to enter the Marine Corps, stories of valor recognized through awards such as the Medal of Honor, stories of grace under pressure, and much more.
It is grace under pressure and confidence that make students reach the heights of success,' she says.
Delegates are encouraged to share ideas during networking breaks and a built-in workshop on handling the unexpected and maintaining grace under pressure.
Sophie, who has two children and two step-children, started writing a moving blog with her daughter - Grace Under Pressure - which they hoped would tell their story and chart the highs and lows of raising a child with autism.