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TNReady scores fall into one of four achievement levels: mastered, on track, approaching, and below grade-level expectations.
When asked to rate how helpful various resources would be, parents prioritized an explanation of grade-level expectations for their children and activities to improve math and English skills.
For students with LD to move closer to meeting grade-level expectations, we think it would be interesting to determine the effects of a supplemental intervention paired with CSR for students with disabilities.
They begin with relevant college and career readiness standards and grade-level expectations for specific text features, then describe the Knowledge of Text Features Assessment, which they have developed for students from kindergarten up.
Student progress is monitored through the creation of student data walls, which display each students performance data organized in a manner depicting below, at, or above grade-level expectations.
Students in 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th grades take the state's Integrated Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (iLEAP) test, which is based on grade-level expectations, but it does not determine whether students are retained or advance to the next grade level.
Each includes lists of concepts, materials, grade-level expectations, and student objectives, and explanations of how the lesson is introduced, how students demonstrate recognition of concepts, how they apply their knowledge, and how they solve related problems, followed by lesson plans (which allow for differentiation and adaptation) and additional notes on extensions, potential problems, and other tips.
The second companion tool, "Tables of Common Core State Standards Linked to Spelling", connects the information in Why Spelling Instruction Matters to grade-level expectations.
His review also noted that the district needs to ensure there are at least grade-level expectations for all students, whether they are in regular education classes, substantially separate classrooms or out-of-district private placements.
Such assessments are not commonly used because state-mandated tests are tightly aligned to grade-level expectations.
This study further examined the performance-level categories (below basic or unable to perform grade-level content standards, basic or performing below grade-level expectations, proficient or meeting grade-level expectations, and advanced or exceeding grade-level expectations) assigned in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades to the students in the successfully discontinued end of intervention decision group and the students who were recommended for further action after completing a full series of Reading Recovery lessons.
95) offers educators a survey of improved outcomes, instructional leadership, and assessments geared to establishing a partnership to help students meet grade-level expectations, and support schools.