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GZGround Zero
GZGuangzhou (China)
GZGaliza (Spanish region)
GZGeschäftszeichen (German: Business Logo)
GZG-Zip (compressed archive; file extension)
GZGaza Strip
GZGreen Zone
GZGizeh (Egyptian automobile license plate)
GZGraf Zeppelin
GZGraetz Number
GZGeneration Z
GZGuantanamo to Panama Canal Zone (routing designation; US Navy)
GZGraphics Z-Buffer
GZVibrational Acceleration Along the Z-Axis
GZGroovyzone.org (web site/forum)
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This value is not needed for the calculation of the elongational heating, but was used for the evaluation of the flow regime by the Graetz number.
where Nu(FD) is the fully developed Nusselt number, and the nondimensional distance from the entrance or tube length Graetz number, [lambda], is defined by
Figure 4 shows this entrance correction ratio for the mean Nusselt number versus Graetz number.
Graetz number below 1 indicates that conduction is dominant.
At screw speeds of 20-40 rpm, Graetz number increased above 1 with a ratio of Griffiths:Graetz of ~0.
While this method is discussed later, the data is presented in the figures where the flexural modulus is compared to the Graetz number.
The relationship between the flexural modulus and the Graetz number for plaques of 1.
o] is now 50 kg/h, and the corresponding Graetz number Gz is 154.
represents a modified Graetz number and is defined as