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While it was shown that contact angle on various materials at similar AFS-GFN was not proportional to the casting roughness, it was confirmed that grain shape was a major factor.
Among these QTLs, only three (26%) named qGL8, qLWR5 and qLWR10 stably expressed in both genetic backgrounds, clearly indicating that genetic background had large effects on QTL expression for grain shape.
MSG and CVR described the pollen grain shape and ornamentation, obtained photographs and wrote the draft of the manuscript.
Effect of grain shape and angularity on the undrained response of fine sands, Canadian Geotechnical Journal 47(5): 539-551.
Macro and micro critical states of granular materials with different grain shapes, in Proceedings of the 6 International Conference on Micromechanics of Granular Media, 829-832.
A grain shape was characterised by shape factor (SF) and by grain elipticity (Table 4).
The spherical grain shape is commonly adopted in conventional cement hydration simulation systems (van Breugel, 1997; Navi and Pignat, 1999; Stroeven, 1999).
Diamond is much harder and retains its grain shape a little longer, but being carbon, chemically reacts with the carbon in the steel and gets only about 200 slashes before it wears out.
The absence of a relationship between contact angle and casting surface roughness might be explained by the fact that grain shape was seen as a major influence in surface roughness.
Eighteen agronomic characters were investigated for all accessions, including awn, awn shape, awn color, color of glumelle, color of lemma, grain shape, grain color, grain pubescence, grain plumpness, ear shape, PH, ear length (EL), wheel layers (WL), effective tiller number per plant (ETP), GNP, shattering habit (SH, proportion of shattered seeds to all seeds of a plant).
Mean kinematic vorticity estimates, using the rigid grain and quartz grain shape techniques, indicate that early deformation included a high contribution (49-66%) of pure shear (Langille et al.