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Yield compensation potential occurs early in crop life cycle by adjustments in panicle m-2 and number of kernels panicle-1, and later through adjustments in weight kernel-1, so cereal grain yield in cereals is comparatively less sensitive to plant population density (Govintharaj et al., 2018).
(2011), plant densities of up to 70,000 plant ha-1 do not affect the castor bean grain yield. Moreover, when a crop species is intercropped with other economic-interest species, the crop population must be properly defined to avoid competition between species and, consequently, the decrease of their yield.
In soybean, grain yield, as in other crops, is a complex trait because it results from the expression and association of different components (El-Mohsen et al., 2013).
Earlier researchers carried out the correlation analysis studies to probe the effects of different morphological and physiological traits on grain yield under moisture stress condition (Ahmad et al., 2013b).
Average grain yield of rainfed wheat in Pakistan is lower due to erratic and lower rainfall.
Nitrogen is an essential rice plant nutrient for growth and improves grain yield and quality, according to the PhilRice.
Sorghum midge is a panicle insect found in most of the sorghum growing environments in Niger, where it causes high grain yield reduction on sorghum crop.
The results for wheat varieties showed that maximum (85.2%) m2 germination, (83.1cm) plant height, tillers plant-1 (6.1), grains spike-1 (59.9), spikelet's spike-1 (21.8), seed index (1000-grain weight, g) (49.2g) and grain yield (5452.4 kg ha-1) were observed in TJ-83 as compared to variety Imdad-2005 which produced minimum (84.3%) germination, (66.7cm) plant height, tillers plant-1 (5.9), grains spike-1 (55.0), spikelet's spike-1 (22.8), seed index (1000-grain weight, g) (42.4g) and grain yield (5044.6 kg ha-1).
Residual fertilizer N significantly affected chickpea grain yield which increased with 100 and 150 kg N ha-1 levels.
Data were recorded on randomly selected five plants from each genotype and average value was used for the statistical analysis for 14 characters viz., days to 50% flowering, grain filling period, days to maturity, plant height, number of effective tillers per plant, length of main spike, peduncle length of main spike, number of spikelet per main spike, number of grains per main spike, grain weight per main spike, 1000 grain weight, grain yield per plant, biological yield per plant, harvest index.
Grain yield was collected at harvest by harvesting the cobs when the husks had dried, dehusked, threshed, dried and grain yield determined by weighing to constant weight.