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Row spacing treatments did not significantly (pa$?0.05) affect panicle rows, kernels per row, and grains per panicle in SH and SL, but significantly (pa$?0.05) affected those in YA.
The evaluated agronomic characteristics were: number of tillers [m.sup.2]; plant height; panicle length; flowering; cycle; number of viable panicles [m.sup.2]; number of grains per panicle; grain yield; thousand grains weight; percentage of filled grains per panicle.
[23] revealed high estimates of GA coupled with high heritability for number of grains per panicle, plant height, and grain yield per panicle, whereas high heritability and low estimates of genetic advance were identified for panicle width, panicle length, and test weight.
12.4), was able to produce more grains per panicle than the latter due to increased primary and secondary branch numbers (Fig.
NP, number of panicles per plant; NGP, number of grains per panicle; NSP, number of spikelets per panicle; SF, spikelet fertility; TGW, 1000-grain weight; GY, grain yield per plant; RIL, recombinant inbred line; TC, testcross [F.sub.1]; [H.sub.MP], mid-parent heterosis.
The lowest number of filled grains per panicle showed by IR 5-3 genotypes (91.9-139.0 grains) and IR 4-1 (125.2-146.8 grain).
Grains per panicle and 1000-grain weight of rice genotypes as affected by different levels boron.
Agronomic parameters like Plant height, tillers count per plant, panicle length, grains per panicle, 1000 grain weight and yield increased with application of nitrogen from 0 to 133 N kg ha-1.
Less number of grains per panicle as a result of panicle sterility is one of the main reasons for low yield of aerobic rice.
The lowest number of grains per panicle (91) was observed in Binadhan-10.
"By applying this technology the number of grains per panicle of rice plant had been increased from 250 to 700," Dr.