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7: GRAM STAINING FINDING Finding Study Control P-value (N=100) (N=80) Doderlein bacilli 44 48 0.052 Gram positive cocci 12 03 0.044 Gram negative cocci 01 01 0.872 Gram positive Gram negative 03 02 0.855 coccobacilli Yeast cells 10 09 0.784 Pus cells 75 44 0.004 Clue cells 26 15 0.245 Gram negative rods 37 25 0.421 TABLE NO.
In the DTT group one reinfection (8.3%) with gram negative cocci occurred 3.5 years after revision ending up in arthrodesis.
Veillonella is anaerobic gram negative cocci, normally present in the upper airways, astrointestinal tract and vagina in humans and usually disregarded as a contaminant when isolated from clinical specimens'.
When the organisms are grouped, they end up in these categories: aerobes: Gram negative cocci (GNC), four subcategories of Gram negative rods ((NR); anaerobes: GNC, GNR, GPC, GPR, and GPR, spore-forming; and mycobacteria The term "rods", which while common, is still not correct and this reviewer hopes that in the later versions (Bacteriology II, etc.) this will be corrected to "B" (bacilli).
Smears pertaining to Gram negative cocci were selectively screened for Neisserialmorphplogy.