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GT3Gran Turismo 3 (video game)
GT3Globus Toolkit 3 (software)
GT3Grand Touring 3 (car)
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And about 30 teenagers aged13 and 14 battled it out on racing game Gran Turismo 3, Tiger Woods Golf and Pro-Evolution Soccer.
The only problem is Gran Turismo Concept is priced at pounds 24.99, but the massive Gran Turismo 3 is priced at pounds 19.99 on Platinum.
They fitted a group of gamers with electrodes and subjected them to Halo, NBA, Project Gotham Racing, Wave Race: Blue Storm and Gran Turismo 3.
Project Gotham Racing generated peaks of 14 beta brain waves per second, while Gran Turismo 3 didn't come close.
Gran Turismo 3 is the latest in the series, and with the power of the Playstation 2 behind it, promises to be the best.
Gran Turismo 3 really is a fantastic game It's almost worth the price of a Playstation 2 in itself!
Supporting the launch of PlayStation 2's most impressive game yet, Gran Turismo 3, the Sunday Mirror has teamed up with Sony to give readers a chance to win a copy of this record-breaking game.
There are 10 copies of Gran Turismo 3 to win, and to enter just answer the question below:
Gran Turismo 3, described as the most realistic driving game ever, will make more cash than any previous title.
But the new Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec, to give it its full title, is set to beat that easily.