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GFSSGlobal Fibre Supply Study
GFSSGrand Forks Secondary School (Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada)
GFSSGreat Falls Security Systems (Maine)
GFSSGlenforest Secondary School
GFSSGunfire Support Schoolship
GFSSGun-Fire Support Ship
GFSSGovernment Furnished Support Software
GFSSGarson Falconbridge Secondary School (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)
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This year the gold award went to Kate Russell and Allanah Kenoras-Schwandt of Grand Forks secondary school of Grand Forks, B.C.
Grand Forks secondary school is very committed to continuing its involvement with E-Spirit.
The E-Spirit Gold Award was presented to Allanah Kenoras-Schwandt and Kate Russell from Grand Forks Secondary School of Grand Forks, British Columbia.
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