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GFPGreen Fluorescent Protein
GFPGovernment Furnished Property
GFPGospel Folio Press (Christian publisher)
GFPGeneric Framing Procedure
GFPGlobal Functional Plan
GFPGlobal Footprint
GFPGeneric Frame Protocol
GFPGrowing Forest Partnerships
GFPGeneral Framing Procedure
GFPGreenville Family Partnership (South Carolina)
GFPGlutton for Punishment
GFPGrandmothers for Peace
GFPGeneric Functional Protocol
GFPGlobal Functional Plane
GFPGraphical Flight Plan (aviation software)
GFPGlobal Flight Plan (US Air Force)
GFPGlobal Field Power
GFPGovernment-Furnished Parts
GFPGreen Forum Philippines
GFPGuaranty Fund Program
GFPGeneric Functional Procedures
GFPGeneral Fellowship Program (US NIH)
GFPGovernment Furnished Program
GFPGiovane Fotografo Professionista (Italian)
GFPGroup Four Photonics (Conference)
GFPGround Fault Protection/Protector
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Provost founded a local chapter of Grandmothers for Peace in 1982, shortly after her sister, Barbara Wiedner, started the international peace organization.
Grandmothers for Peace member Peg McIntyre, 92, took a day off from her job at a candle shop in St.