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Carol Davies, Heart of England Community Foundation grant officer said: "Pastels Day Care Centre is well worth our support and applications from similar groups and organisations are encouraged.
The project is potentially of enormous significance,'' said Colin Keyse, grant officer for Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) and manager of Enfys, the Green Spaces and Sustainable Communities Programme, which has awarded the Pontbren Group pounds 95,500.
This position works under the RTT-ELC Grant Officer to monitor the
BLF grant officer James Hinton said that he was extremely impressed with both school and community use of the new hall and suite at the college.
The investigation, run alongside the city council, also resulted in new public space protection orders (PSPO) being introduced in April which grant officers powers to disperse groups of two or more people where they believe there is cause for concern.
He also calls on administrators and grant officers to promote such diversity.
As development officer for Wales, she will oversee a team of two grant officers who advise organisations on how to benefit from Heritage Lottery Funding.
Natural England will utilise local grant officers who will be responsible for regional priority areas to manage all applications.