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Examples of investigated novel carbon materials include K-doped graphene (K-GS) [24], cuprous oxide nanowires decorated graphene oxide nanosheets (Cu2O-GO) nanocomposites [25], aminated/carboxyl graphene quantum dots [26], and carboxylic graphene quenching probe [27].
The sensors are made with graphene oxide, a material very sensitive to water vapour.
Tests showed that the reduced graphene oxide forms a uniform coating around the individual cotton fibers, which results in good electric conductivity, tensile strength, breathability, flexibility, and overall comfort of the fabric.
Temperature dependence of creep and recovery behaviors of polymer composites filled with chemically reduced graphene oxide, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 69: 288-298.
During condensation polymerization, graphene oxide was reduced thermally to graphene, simultaneously.
Chitosan (CS) had used as biomaterial alone in bone regeneration but met with limited success therefore Chitosan (CS), gelatin (Gn) and graphene oxide (GO) scaffolds were designed as improved version in bone regeneration [15].
Cytotoxicity effect of Graphene Oxide on VERO Cell line
In order to overcome this hurdle, the researchers placed epoxy resin on either side of their graphene oxide membrane, stopping it from swelling up when immersed in water.
They later discovered the sintering process is capable of reducing graphene oxide flakes into pure bilayer graphene, making it much more stable than graphene monolayers.
In Thomas Sumner's cover story (Page 22) about the growing interest in desalination to meet the globe's escalating need for freshwater, graphene oxide has a potentially starring role.
Based on previous research, the electrodes were fabricated with redox-active hybrid graphene oxide (GO) material, which has proven very effective in biochemical applications.
The present study introduces graphene oxide (GO), which has many functional groups including epoxy (-O-), hydroxyl (-OH) and carboxyl (-COOH) groups [27-29], as a carrier for AgNPs to build the 3D filter [30-32].