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Traditionally, graphic user interfaces (GUIs) in computer programs were "hardwired" to text descriptors that could not be changed by the user [12].
The graphic user interface (GUI) screens are limited in space or "real estate" and need to have language phrases translated to fit accordingly.
Secondarily, "screen shots" were obtained of each screen in the graphic user interface, and paper-versions of these were sent to local psychiatrist experts for translation.
CISCL provides concurrent use and language optimization, and is structured according to the principles which are believed to be essential to providing a good multicultural graphic user interface (see Table 2) [21].
As AI technologies become more widely used, user interface technologies for AI will become increasingly more important, and as traditional interactive graphic user interfaces become more complex, people will look to AI technologies as a way of making them smarter and more sensitive to their users.
Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs, pronounced GOO-eys) are implemented in different ways on many systems, but probably none so popularly as featured in the Windows (Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Wash.) operating environment for PCs.
Because CALL had high-production input requirements that TRIM was not originally designed to handle, the CALL-DITT team developed a graphic user interface (GUI) that enabled rapid metadata input and metadata carry over from previous metadata input screens' completed records to the next record to be processed.
Editing the Graphic User Interface for Language Preferences
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