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OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is a standard specification defining a cross-language cross-platform API for writing applications that produce 2D and 3D computer graphics.
Molkentin, a core developer and beta tester, sticks to the practical as he works through the features and possible applications, giving novices a solid chapter on the basics, including tools and the creation of first code and moving directly to creating dialogs, designing GUI and developing a GUI application based on a main window, laying out "widgets," working with modal and non-modal dialogs, handling events (along with drag and drop and the clipboard), displaying data, working with the QtSql module and the graphics library, threading, handling XML, and preparing to go international.
The Marketing Centre has a graphics library with downloadable product images, complete with logos, press coverage and exhibition information.
DIVERSE heavily uses the scene graph functionality of Performer, a UNIX based graphics library for high-end visualization.
Other features include enhanced Microsoft Office integration, a professional graphics library, outline and map views and rich text notes.
The software, which features a graphics library, allows users to launch assessments directly from office documents and turn documents and e-mails into interactive tutorials.
Also new from PolyVision is Webster3.1 software that enables the interactive products with improved resolution, increased speed, direct e-mail capabilities, real-time playback, and a backdrop graphics library. For more info, visit
If you don't have a graphics library, check out the Microsoft Design Gallery Live at
OpenGL Performer, available for SGI IRIX and Linux OS environments, is built atop the industry standard OpenGL graphics library and is interoperable with OpenGL Shader, OpenGL Optimizer, OpenGL Volumizer and OpenGL Vizserver.
Purchasers of the product can also use it to set up news pages, a press release distribution system, an HTML editor, press release archive, contacts directory, FAQ system, graphics library and a full site search facility.
The WindML application leverages and improves upon Wind River's Universal Graphics Library (UGL).
Teachers came up with a variety of ideas for using Leonardo to embellish their social studies, science, math and fine arts curricula in the intermediate grades, while primary teachers talked about ways to use Leonardo's vast graphics library to get children to write and illustrate stories or to develop language skills.
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