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Nomenclature list ABS acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene APP ammonium polyphosphate C natural graphite CCTs cone calorimeter tests EG expandable graphite [EG.sub.0] the referenced EG [EG.sub.p] tripolyphosphate modified expandable graphite EV expansion volume EVA ethylene vinyl acetate FR flame retardant FTIR Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy GIC graphite intercalation compound HRR heat release rate, KW [m.sup.-2] LOI limiting oxygen index, % [LOI.sub.the] the calculated theoretical LOI result, % N.D.
With an assumption that lithium intercalated in graphite (or any carbon) forms a graphite intercalation compound, the same concept is applied to Li-C systems and is reported in the literature by Reynier et al.
Urbaniak, "Electrochemical intercalation of ZnCl2-CrO3-GIC (graphite intercalation compound) with sulphuric acid," Polish Journal of Chemistry, vol.
In this study, synthesis of graphene from the graphite intercalation compound K[C.sub.8] was prepared from exfoliated graphite as a host carbon material for the purpose of getting many thinner graphene layers.
NOMENCLATURE APP ammonium polyphosphate EDS energy dispersive spectroscopy EG expandable graphite [EG.sub.T] titanium dioxide modified expendable graphite [EG.sub.T]' product of EG dipping in the solution containing [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] and Ti[Cl.sub.4] FR flame retardant FTIR Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy GIC graphite intercalation compound IFR intumescent flame retardant LOI limiting oxygen index MCC microscale combustion calorimeter N.D.
After being dried at 100[degrees]C overnight, the resulting graphite intercalation compound (GIC) was subjected to a thermal shock at 1050[degrees]C for 15 s in a muffle furnace to form exfoliated graphite (EG).
The resulting material, denoted as graphite intercalation compound (GIC), is the stacking of the successive layers including carbon layers and intercalated layers.
Expanded graphite is obtained by intensive heating of graphite intercalation compound (GIC), as presented elsewhere [6, 14].
The resulting material, known as graphite intercalation compound (GIC), comprised carbon layers and intercalate layers stacked on top of one another in a periodic fashion.
Under the concentration gradient and electrostatic potential gradient, anions would transport towards anodic graphite matrix, with insertion into the graphite layer to form the well-known graphite intercalation compounds. Since the compounds are not stable, they could decompose naturally in the presence of water, resulting in the destruction of the graphite matrix [13, 14].
The resulting products are called graphite intercalation compounds (GIC) or expandable graphite.
Fedorov, "The synthesis and properties of highly exfoliated graphites from fluorinated graphite intercalation compounds," Carbon, vol.