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However, to set up the gravitational wave experiment correctly, we need to eliminate all extraneous assumptions and traditions.
Of all the experimental statements on the General Theory of Relativity, including the search for gravitational wave experiments, the most important case is that where the observer is at rest with respect to his laboratory reference frame and all physical standards located in it.
We consider each of the cases here, mindful of the need to find theoretical grounds for gravitational wave experiments:
Gravitational Wave Experiments with Zener Diode Quantum Detecors: Fractal Dynamical Space and Universe Expansion with Inflation Epoch.
In over 50 papers contributors memorialize Gamov and his theories and address the phenomenology of brane-world cosmological models, black holes, gravitational wave experiments, supernova explosions, axisymmetric stationary flows in compact objects, the higher co-dimension brane-world, ghost stellar fields as a dark energy, the rotating universe, quantum scattering on a cosmic string, line-driven winds near compact objects, weak magnetism effects, the trans-sonic propeller stage, high-energy neutrinos from a collapsing supermassive star, star complexes and starburst clumps in spiral galaxies, a model of nonthermal radiation of a shell-type supernova remnant, space mission Rosetta, and the detection and properties of a near-earth flux of dark electric matter objects.
Gravitational Wave Experiments with Zener Diode Quantum Detectors: Fractal Dynamical Space and Universe Expansion with Inflation Epoch.