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GGeneral Audiences (movie rating)
GGrin (used in chat and email)
GGiga- (a prefix meaning 1 billion)
GGravitational acceleration (physics)
GGroup (as in G-8, Group of 8 Industrialized Nations)
GGroup (algebraic object in mathematics)
GGood (numismatics; 2nd worst condition of coin)
GGood (philatelic auction term)
GGames Played (baseball)
GGold (rollplaying games)
GOne Thousand Dollars (common US slang)
GGuard (basketball)
GGate (transistor; electronics)
GGlasgow (postcode, United Kingdom)
GGauge (syringes)
GGoals Scored (various sports)
GGenus (mathematics)
GGraz (Austrian city)
GGlider (US Military aircraft vehicle type designation)
GGalway (Irish car registration)
GGibbs Free Energy (thermodynamics)
GGauss (magnetic flux density)
GGoalie (hockey, soccer, etc.)
GGlycine (amino acid)
GGlycoprotein (virus protein)
GGravida (number of pregnancies)
GGuanine (DNA base)
GGillette Company (NYSE symbol)
GGravida (gynecology)
GGorod (Russian, town/city; used in postal addresses)
GGamma Hydroxybutyrate
GParaguayan Guarani (national currency)
GDutch Guilder (national currency)
GGefreiter (German)
GGinoo (Filipino: Mr. or Sir)
GEastern Quebec (Canada Post designation)
GGeneral Intelligence Factor (psychology/psychometrics)
GGraffenberg (spot)
GInsured Letter (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
GGiesma (form of chromosome banding)
GGuilford Gravure (philatelic prefix on stamp coils)
GIssued Traffic Citation (Alabama Public Safety radio code)
GFederal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Illinois (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
GUndenominated United States Stamp (32 cents, introduced 1 Jan 1985)
GGerard Thematic Catalog (music, Italian)
GGenerator, Tachometer Generator, Exciter, or Rotating Amplifier
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The selection of the location of the absolute determination points was driven mainly by the emerging ability to examine long-term, age-related changes in the acceleration of the absolute value of the gravitational acceleration within the area of the Pieniny Klippen Belt.
This should emphasize the distinction between two contiguous but fundamentally different physical situations: when an object is held in hand, and thus subject to forces, and when an object is in free fall, and thus subject only to gravitational acceleration.
Usual models are capable of predicting a minimum gravitational acceleration of 9.
Where G--the gravitational acceleration, [OMEGA]--the vector of gravitational torsion field, E--the electric field strength, B--the magnetic induction, [[epsilon].
This could be due to the absence of a gravitational acceleration dependent, intraventricular hydrostatic pressure difference (Delta P) in microgravity that exists in the ventricle in normal gravity due to its size and anatomic orientation (7).
To solve these complex equations and simulate what happens inside a dying star, the team used an advanced computer code called CASTRO that took into account factors that changed over time, including fluid density, temperature, pressure, gravitational acceleration and velocity.
N], and thus the Newtonian gravitational acceleration [a.
The new mathematical model tightly couples a range of physical processes present during cosmic reionization, such as gas motion, radiation transport, chemical kinetics, and gravitational acceleration due to star clustering and dark matter dynamics.
G-loading is a factor of acceleration, either in terms offsetting the earth's gravitational acceleration (commonly experienced as 1g "weight") and/or applying other acceleration forces such as turning or (momentarily) entering a climb or initiating a descent.
In spring 2007, we performed a relative gravimetric survey to determine gravitational acceleration in 45 bench marks of the levelling line.
This is only 5 milliseconds after a 50g shock, with 1g being the equivalent of gravitational acceleration.
a] the air velocity, the drag results from the friction between the filament fiber and air when the two are moving with different velocities, because the high air suction in the chamber results in high axial air velocities, therefore, the relative velocity is used in the term instead of the actual velocity of the filament fiber, g is the gravitational acceleration, [C.