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The rest of the article is structured as follows: first, a literature review, focusing on the gravity models; second, the methods, including panel-data regression models and estimation methods, which explain the data and variables used in the gravity model; third, the results for, and discussion of, the three groups; and finally, a conclusion section that summarizes the significant results.
Following the gravity model, this is because countries tend to lose more in terms of international trade, and consequently their GDP, when their deep economic ties are cut with their bigger neighbours.
The aim of the research is the formation of the theoretical and methodological basis of the approach for comparing the institutional dynamics of the regional development of the PPA based on the modified gravity model.
Keywords: Economic Growth, Rice, Cotton, Gravity Model, Pakistan
For current empirical analysis, this study used gravity model to investigate export (Exp) of final goods from SAARC countries (i) to high income Countries (j) during the period of 2003 to 2014.
Apart from the theoretical justification, the empirical studies based on the gravity model have also demonstrated its ability in rendering robust predictions for the dispersion of international migrant stocks in different destinations (Ramos and Surinach 2013; Beine, Bertoli and Moraga 2014).
Bilateral trade flows among the Southeast Asian countries in the years 1994 to 2013 are used to estimate an augmented gravity model that includes various measures of maritime crime activities.
Using a gravity model with NTMs estimated as ad valorem tariff equivalents for the period 1990-2011, they found different effects on exports associated with different periods.
Some of the trade studies are based on a gravity model methodology.
Teleparallel Gravity Model with a Trace of Momentum-Energy Tensor
The analytical framework including the theoretical formulation of the gravity model and its associated empirical exercise of multivariate regression using panel data is presented in Section III.
We use an up-to-date version of the Gravity model which has had considerable empirical success in explaining bilateral trade flows and has strong theoretical foundations.