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G/SGastrin-Somatostatin (ratio)
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Variables such as foetal age, maternal age and obesity, parity and amniotic fluid volume measured by gray-scale and Doppler sonography were recorded for each mother (maternal obesity was divided into thin, normal, and obese which the criteria were based on the resolution of sonographic images affected by the patients' subcutaneous fat).
On gray-scale US examination, 141 echogenic foci were reported as calculi; however, 16 (11.3%) of them could not be verified on CT examination and were accepted as false positive.
Xu et al., "Diagnostic performances of various gray-scale, color Doppler, and contrast-enhanced ultrasonography findings in predicting malignant thyroid nodules," Thyroid, vol.
The local binary code for the position ([x.sub.c], [y.sub.c]) can be computed by comparing the gray-scale value [g.sub.c] of this center pixel located at ([x.sub.c], [y.sub.c]) and the gray-scale values [g.sub.p] of its neighbor pixels located at ([x.sub.p], [y.sub.p]) where p [member of] {0.
The purpose of this study is to determine utility and accuracy of Gray-scale and colour doppler ultrasound in diagnosing malignant/suspicious thyroid nodules.
Therefore, it is incorrect for the gray-scale image to take the brightest pixel in I(x) as the estimation of A.
Gradient Direction Pattern: A Gray-scale Invariant Uniform Local Feature Representation for Facial Expression Recognition.
In each embedding point, we note the gray-scale value f [member of] Z, and 0 [less than or equal to] f [less than or equal to] 255, and use the odd-even quantization method to embed the watermark bit [w.sub.i], i = 1, 2, ..., (L+1)N into an image as follows:
Although gray-scale US remains a mainstay of imaging detection of suspected ovarian masses, persisting controversies surround the optimal US techniques for subsequent characterization of the detected ovarian mass.13
This image, colorized gray-scale, is a composite of the individual video frames of the backlit fuel droplet.
"Radiofrequency IVUS provides significantly more information than just regular gray-scale IVUS in helping differentiate the nature of these plaques and which ones are going to progress.'"
Intended for sonographers experienced with gray-scale B- mode ultrasound imaging, the third edition features 500 illustrations.