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GGeneral Audiences (movie rating)
GGrin (used in chat and email)
GGiga- (a prefix meaning 1 billion)
GGravitational acceleration (physics)
GGroup (as in G-8, Group of 8 Industrialized Nations)
GGroup (algebraic object in mathematics)
GGood (numismatics; 2nd worst condition of coin)
GGood (philatelic auction term)
GGames Played (baseball)
GGold (rollplaying games)
GOne Thousand Dollars (common US slang)
GGuard (basketball)
GGate (transistor; electronics)
GGlasgow (postcode, United Kingdom)
GGauge (syringes)
GGoals Scored (various sports)
GGenus (mathematics)
GGraz (Austrian city)
GGlider (US Military aircraft vehicle type designation)
GGalway (Irish car registration)
GGibbs Free Energy (thermodynamics)
GGauss (magnetic flux density)
GGoalie (hockey, soccer, etc.)
GGlycine (amino acid)
GGlycoprotein (virus protein)
GGravida (number of pregnancies)
GGuanine (DNA base)
GGillette Company (NYSE symbol)
GGravida (gynecology)
GGorod (Russian, town/city; used in postal addresses)
GGamma Hydroxybutyrate
GParaguayan Guarani (national currency)
GDutch Guilder (national currency)
GGefreiter (German)
GGinoo (Filipino: Mr. or Sir)
GEastern Quebec (Canada Post designation)
GGeneral Intelligence Factor (psychology/psychometrics)
GGraffenberg (spot)
GInsured Letter (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
GGiesma (form of chromosome banding)
GGuilford Gravure (philatelic prefix on stamp coils)
GIssued Traffic Citation (Alabama Public Safety radio code)
GFederal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Illinois (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
GUndenominated United States Stamp (32 cents, introduced 1 Jan 1985)
GGerard Thematic Catalog (music, Italian)
GGenerator, Tachometer Generator, Exciter, or Rotating Amplifier
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Address for correspondence: Robert Krause, Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, Medical University of Graz, Auenbruggerplatz 15, A-8036 Graz, Austria; fax: 43-316-385-4622; email: robert.
Lovech, Auxerre and Rangers all kept Graz at bay and Boro are at least the equals of the first pair, while the Bulgarian mid-table outfit are minnows.
Jennifer Logan, 30, of Fairfield, Stockton said the team have done surprisingly well: "I think they'll do well against Graz because they're a good squad.
Named Austrian coach of the year in 2002, three years after his World Cup strike partner Hans Krankl achieved the feat with Austria Salzburg, he joined Graz the following season.
The Birmingham blob resembles more an overripe blue jack-fruit, and that Graz slug-like other-thing something execrable, or excretable, what has been dropped by some giant passing bird.
As he prepared for Austria's European Championship clash with Moldova tomorrow, Flogel said: "Sturm Graz have a lot of problems.
As he prepared for Austria's European clash with Moldova tomorrow Flogel said: "Sturm Graz have a lot of problems.
In southeastern Austria is the magnificent city of Graz, whose fine collection of classic, period structures is testimony to the central European nation's long and colorful history.
It may be Austria's second-largest city with 242,000 residents, but Graz must be the country's best-kept secret.
The Ubisense platform has also been deployed at the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision at Graz University of Technology in Austria for more than a year.
Three days after admission to the Spanish hospital, the patient was transferred by air ambulance to the intensive care unit at the Medical University of Graz, Austria.
Why is the AR so keen on the Kunsthaus in Graz by Cook and Fournier (last month), and so opposed to the department store in Birmingham by Future Systems (AR October 2003)?