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GGeneral Audiences (movie rating)
GGrin (used in chat and email)
GGiga- (a prefix meaning 1 billion)
GGravitational acceleration (physics)
GGroup (algebraic object in mathematics)
GGroup (as in G-8, Group of 8 Industrialized Nations)
GGood (numismatics; 2nd worst condition of coin)
GGood (philatelic auction term)
GGames Played (baseball)
GGold (rollplaying games)
GOne Thousand Dollars (common US slang)
GGuard (basketball)
GGate (transistor; electronics)
GGlasgow (postcode, United Kingdom)
GGauge (syringes)
GGoals Scored (various sports)
GGenus (mathematics)
GGraz (Austrian city)
GGlider (US Military aircraft vehicle type designation)
GGalway (Irish car registration)
GGibbs Free Energy (thermodynamics)
GGauss (magnetic flux density)
GGoalie (hockey, soccer, etc.)
GGlycine (amino acid)
GGlycoprotein (virus protein)
GGravida (number of pregnancies)
GGuanine (DNA base)
GGillette Company (NYSE symbol)
GGravida (gynecology)
GGorod (Russian, town/city; used in postal addresses)
GGamma Hydroxybutyrate
GParaguayan Guarani (national currency)
GDutch Guilder (national currency)
GGefreiter (German)
GGinoo (Filipino: Mr. or Sir)
GEastern Quebec (Canada Post designation)
GGeneral Intelligence Factor (psychology/psychometrics)
GGraffenberg (spot)
GInsured Letter (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
GGiesma (form of chromosome banding)
GGuilford Gravure (philatelic prefix on stamp coils)
GIssued Traffic Citation (Alabama Public Safety radio code)
GFederal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Illinois (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
GUndenominated United States Stamp (32 cents, introduced 1 Jan 1985)
GGerard Thematic Catalog (music, Italian)
GGenerator, Tachometer Generator, Exciter, or Rotating Amplifier
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There is very little early modern architecture either, for the Modern Movement, which arrived around 1928, had hardly got a grip on Graz before Austria was annexed to the Third Reich in 1938.(2)
The description so far treats the bridge as a general type, a pure symmetrical object, but in Graz the site conditions are asymmetrical, the main problem being that the west bank is 2m higher than the east.
The first-leg defeat was Sturm Graz's first European away loss since 2012 and they head into the second leg buoyed by a 3-2 win over Hartberg in their opening league game of the season.
The lab will be co-sponsored by Freenome and the Austrian public purse and will utilize Freenome's proprietary AI genomics platform to better understand complex patterns in cell-free biomarkers that circulate in the blood, with a focus on studies marrying Freenome's technology with the research at the Medical University of Graz, particularly in imputing broad epigenetic changes from blood and optimizing ex-US study designs to procure high-quality samples for analysis.
* Medical University of Graz, Graz, Austria; ([dagger]) Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria; and ([double dagger]) University of Rostock, Rostoek, Germany
Geoff Stocker, 42, of Whinney Banks, Middlesbrough believes the challenge lies after the Graz cup tie.
Austria squad: Mandl (Basle), Manninger (Brescia), Schranz (Graz AK); Feldhofer, Hiden, Katzer (all Rapid Vienna), Hieblinger (FC Karnten), Ibertsberger (Salzburg), Pogatetz, Standfest (both Graz AK), Stranzl (Stuttgart); Amerhauser, Aufhauser, Sick (all Graz AK), Ivanschitz (Rapid Vienna), Kiesenebner (Austria Vienna), Kirchler (FC Superfund Pasching), Kuhbauer (SV Mattersburg), Schopp (Brescia); Glieder (FC Superfund Pasching), Haas (Sturm Graz), Kollmann (Graz AK), Linz (Nice).
The Graz roofline, at first thought of as a joke, is a grotesque interloper, a piece of colossal architectural whimsy that fits into the category of 'Mum!
But former Hearts star Flogel, back in his homeland with Austria Vienna, claims Graz are in turmoil after a poor start to the season, culminating in a shock 3-1 defeat by newly-promoted Pasching on Saturday.
As he prepared for Austria's European clash with Moldova tomorrow Flogel said: "Sturm Graz have a lot of problems.
Thanks to its finely preserved collection of medieval and Renaissance structures, venerable Graz has not only been added to the World Heritage List but will serve as Europe's Capital of Culture in 2003.