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GDGrateful Dead (band)
GDG-Dragon (South Korean recording artist)
GDGoal Difference (soccer)
GDGoal Differential (soccer)
GDGeneral Dynamics
GDGold(en) Dollar
GDGeometry Dash (video game series)
GDGraphic Design(er)
GDGroup Discussion(s)
GDGreen Day (band)
GDGrenada (country code, top level domain)
GDGood Day
GDGold Digger
GDGuangdong (China)
GDGraph Drawing
GDGardner Denver, Inc. (pneumatic products company)
GDGeneric Drug
GDGroundhog Day
GDGraves' Disease (also seen as GRD)
GDGoDaddy (domain registrar)
GDSoman (nerve agent)
GDGestational Diabetes
GDGod Damn
GDGolden Delicious (apple)
GDGraduate Degree
GDGeneral Delivery (postal)
GDGedo (postal region, Somalia)
GDGolden Dawn
GDGreat Divide (Everquest, gaming)
GDGarment District (various locations)
GDGeneral Duty
GDGestational Day
GDGangster Disciples (Gang)
GDGraphic Display
GDGosh Darn
GDGlobal Delivery
GDGeneral Deployment (Cisco)
GDGod Delusion (book)
GDGroßdeutschland (German WWII Panzer division)
GDGlobal Dynamics (Eureka science fiction)
GDGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)
GDGood Draw (Pictionary game slang)
GDGender Dysphoria (medical syndrome)
GDGun Dogs
GDGreen Depth (golf)
GDGeneral Diary
GDGospel Doctrine
GDGeologic Division
GDGas Discharges (and their Applications; International Conference)
GDGoverning Document
GDGlucose Drink
GDGenetically Divergent
GDGemcitabine Plus Docetaxel
GDGeneral Discharge
GDGlasdach (German: skylight, glass roof)
GDGravely Disabled (mental health)
GDGap Distribution
GDGrowth Duration
GDGlobal Defect
GDGumboro Disease (Infectious Bursal Disease)
GDGiant Drop (amusement park ride)
GDGum Disturbance (philately)
GDGravity Drain
GDGrid Dynamics LLC (industrial design firm)
GDGrand Déplacement (French)
GDGraded Doping
GDGasoline Dion (band)
GDGameDrift (website)
GDGeographic District
GDGodavari Delta (India)
GDGender Disappointment (family planning)
GDGeothermal Division
GDGlasser's Disease (swine medicine)
GDGaseous Dielectric
GDGravimetric Density
GDGrupo de Diálogo (Spanish)
GDGuided Expansion Bearing
GDGuidance Drawing
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"It denitely will sound different to Great Divide but will sound like our band, like every record has.
He asks: "If it is not the inexorable laws of economics that have led to America's great divide, what is it?
How does this related to your concept of "The Great Divide"?
The .justification for including it is the prominence of Sergei Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto, which links it directly to Franklin's focus on that composer's place on the "feminine" and "popular" side of Huyssen's "Great Divide" (pp.
Release date- 18072011 - Calgary, Alberta - Connacher Oil and Gas Limited (CLL-TSX) announced today that it has initiated the injection of solvent with steam on wells 203-2 and 203-3 on Algar Pad 203, two of seven horizontal steam-assisted gravity drainage well pairs on one of three wellpads at the company's bbl/d Algar bitumen production operation at Great Divide in Alberta's oil sands.
GREAT DIVIDE: Alex McLeish could be about to take over at Blues' biggest rivals.
BRIAN JACQUES Mother, go into the kitchen, Mother bring me ale and cakes Mother switch on the radio, It's time for Brian Jacques Once upon a time back in the sweltering days before the flood when children's ideas of fun and games were shaped by Hollywood A ragged band of Cowboys and Indians crossed the great divide from Lambeth Road they swaggered and strode and soon were safe inside Stanley Park, the home of bowling greens, orderly gardens, lakes and ducks and mud A young boy stood and looked up at the sandstone wall And from somewhere far away a siren voice began to call An artist's palette of colours gave him an inspiration And a talent to amuse and educate became his life's vocation By Brian O'Connell, Aintree Village
Bryan Baltzell of Great Divide Brewing in Denver also credits proximity and personal relationships with fostering the state's beer culture, and laments the potential loss.
The deal was dubbed "The Great Divide" by Wall Street, and it was both surprising and perplexing.
of Pennsylvania) and Weiss, both affiliated with the Center for American Progress (CAP), present a collection of progressive ideas for tackling challenges including restoring dam- damaged rivers, preventing biotechnology-fueled terrorism, reforming government, and bridging the great divide between science and the public.
International Resource News-10 July 2009-Connacher Oil Announces Production Update from Great Divide Pod One Facility(C)2009 ENPublishing -
No, it highlights the great divide between workers on a fixed rate and those greedy ministers who are lining their pockets from the taxes paid by those workers.